Tato Salad- “The Inappropriate Yoga Guy”

Ogden creates awkward situations in yoga studios throughout the San Fernando Valley. Dont worry folks he is in the teacher training program. Produced by James McFadden and Tyler McFadden Directed by Greg Thanos Starring Avi Rothman and Brittney Kara. Written by Avi Rothman. Special thanks to www.GardenOfYoga.com!

25 thoughts on “Tato Salad- “The Inappropriate Yoga Guy”

  1. green power ranger trying to hook up with pink ranger…lol Kimberly

  2. This made my day! Goji berries! “I have the right to make adjustments in this class!”

  3. F***, I thought I was the only one who knew about Goyi berries. Or Goyitsu.

  4. LOVE IT, thanks for the laughs! We’ll have to explore “fresh Gogi berries at Base Camp 1” some time… Namaste… 🙂

  5. @minimark86 that’s why you laugh a lot in your video? too much dildos. nothing wrong with that definitely.

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