What Aromatherapy Really Is!

Aromatherapy seems to be all the rage today. Everyone seems to be jumping in on the bandwagon from detergent manufacturers to air freshener companies. The television is filled with commercials convincing people that they should not go to bed angry if they use the proper laundry detergent freshened with aromatic detergent they will automatically change their mood.

I hope most of you realize that this is just commercialized advertising trying to get you to dig into your pocket books. They really are not concerned about your stress levels or your health or your sleeping habits.

True aromatherapy has received a really bad rap, if you’ll excuse the expression. With all the commercialism people are really confused about what aromatherapy really is. Is it all about smelling nice? Is it about being able to change your mood by changing your air freshener?

Where is a person to go to find the answers? Is there anyone who truly knows what aromatherapy really is?

The answer is YES! My name is Sharron Myers and I am a certified Aromatherapist. That means that I actually studied all about essential oils and their chemical constituents and how they affect the body both physically and emotionally. A certified Aromatherapist must learn all about how essential oils work with the body, how much is safe to use, which essential oils should be avoided, how they work, which oils work better for specific conditions and specifically what sets them apart from commercialized “aromatherapy products”.

Since this is supposed to be a guide I will not turn it into a book. You can get my course if you wish to learn more about aromatherapy; Teach Yourself Aromatherapy: Foundations Course or any of my digital .pdf files on aromatherapy.

The most important thing to know is that when you are purchasing an item be sure that it says “essential oil” on the label and not “fragrance added”. There is a very big difference between a pure essential oil and a fabricated fragrance which contains petroleum products. Many people have become fragrant intolerant because of all the chemicals associated with fragrance products. This is not the case with a pure essential oil.

Don’t get me wrong. If an essential oil is misused it can cause sensitization. It is very important to know how to use essential oils properly and safely. Keep an eye out for my ebook on safety and contraindications in aromatherapy. It is imperative that if you use essential oils that you dilute them properly with a carrier oil. Do not use them straight or “neat” on your skin. This also is explained in my aromatherapy course or in my other aromatherapy ebooks.

Buyer Beware. Don’t let the word Aromatherapy fool you. Check the labels and inform yourselves what true aromatherapy really is. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful natural therapy that can help you to unwind and become healthy. Take the time to learn more about it and you won’t be disappointed.

Sharron Myers

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Sharron Myers has been a teacher of Spiritual Truth for over 30 years. She also is a Certified Aromatherapist and Personal Development Consultant. Be sure to check out her sites:

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