What Do You See During An Astral Projection?


I had my first astral projection experience yesterday, when i went into the trance like state, i started seeing a mountain zooming up to me really fast. Everything that i saw through my closed eyelids were black and white and this brings me to my question, when people astral project, do they see the images in color or in black and white like in an old film?

5 thoughts on “What Do You See During An Astral Projection?

  1. this is an occult practice…and u r being lead by a demon…this is not a good spiritual thing to be doing…oh no it is very real…and very wrong…do some more research…

  2. You are hallucinating. It is not astral projection, meditating can alter conscious and allow your brain to hallucinate. It is like free drugs, but it is no more real then taking LSD.

  3. It varies from projection to projection. Sometimes there’s awareness of colours despite an overall black and white feel, sometimes the room is bathed in deep golden yellow, sometimes everything is super-saturated fantasy-colour. Often things are pretty standard colour-wise. I usually get black and white when I’m not particularly deeply asleep or haven’t been practicing for a while.

  4. lol tell people to not tell you its fake….and what do they do….they just don’t listen do they! LOL those ‘DEMON!’ people don’t help anyone and are only here to scare you tsk tsk!
    anyway…… thats cool that you saw a mountain………. did you actually go to the mountain or did you just see it in your minds eye? typically with projection…people leave there body and roam around to places….is that what you expereinced?? usually they get into a trance kinda like you mentioned…have these annoying and ticklish vibrations all over….and hear weird noises.
    well thats what i do anyway…..and i float around my house and see all sorts of things….sometimes at night its like i will have night vision….its really kinda creepy cuz everything is that eerie green color XD
    and sometimes when its day i will see my room. Its usually a bit blurry and things in my room are usually rearranged….lolz…sometimes i even see myself in third person….XD i am usually wearing some type of white gown LOL i wonder why though XD i don’t really like it and i want to change it but i haven’t managed to create thoughtforms yet….

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