25 thoughts on “Blackmore’s Night “Village Lanterne”

  1. @Wajlonis Hello there. If I may be a word nerd for a moment I would like to say that ‘perverted’ actually means ‘unnatural’ and since you are an alive guy and she is an amazingly attractive woman your reaction sounds normal to me!!

  2. @Wajlonis how can anyone(any straight guy)miss’m?! lol damn what a bod!
    aside her nice voice.

    she’s a lovely wench indeed!

  3. Blackmore did it again: when he started the Blackmore’s night project, he paved the way for the mediaeval genre to come…and I notice that he smiles for the first time in his life while playing, it seems he finally found his real calling.

  4. Love this video. When the boy lays that gift of flowers in the lake, it always brings a tear.

  5. NO LEAS ESTO!! si lo has leido copia y pega esto en 5 videos sino lo haces tu madre morira en 3 dias

  6. I bet Ritchie is banging that singer all the time. He knows what he’s doing alright.

  7. @amethyst48 I feel your pain and disappointment. 🙁 Hopefully, soon enough, they will return.

  8. “our journey never end”
    When i heard it..i feel that its a long journey of blackmore in making music form deep purple, rainbow, and finally comes to BN which has no ending..

  9. @blacteria yeah, the sound quality is bad on the video itself. i have great speakers.

  10. is the sound quality bad on the video or is it my speakers?…serious question, i’m not mocking anyone.

  11. I am a man, and a boob man at that. There are boobs everywhere, and yes Candace had an incredible pair. But her voice could raise a man from the dead. She is one of the most physically beautiful women I have ever seen, but that voice, she is a true Goddess. I am still p***ed, I have prayed for them to come to my area and they finally did recently, and my health gave out and imissed it Charlotte, NC concert, I live above Winston. My one shot to see the perfect pair gone-Candace&Ritchie.

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