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There is no doubt that Vedic astrology remains a powerful force in the lives of many persons within the country of India. Sometimes known as Hindu astrology, many of the faith rely upon the natal charts created for newborns to aid in naming the child as well as making decisions about how to raise the child in a manner that is in accordance with his or her projected destiny.

At the same time, much of daily life is impacted by Vedic astrology, such as holidays, decisions on marriages, and even such matters as whether or not to move into a new home. With all this practical application of this ancient form of astrology, it should come as no surprise that Vedic astrology schools are popular among adherents.

While at one time these schools were limited almost exclusively to the study of Vedic astrology, that is no longer the case. Not only have the opportunities to study this tradition broadened in the country of India, but there are now ways for interested students to apply themselves to the study of Vedic astrology regardless of location. Here are some alternatives to the old-line schools that are common today.

First, it is now possible to study Vedic astrology in a traditional university setting. Since 2001, a number of universities in India have included a curriculum that provides advanced degrees in the discipline of Vedic astrology right along with degrees in astronomy and other related subjects.

As is the case with most degree programs, the curriculum includes core courses that provide a broad base for general education along with a focused track of study of various aspects that relate directly to the study of Vedic astrology as well. While this incarnation of Vedic astrology schools is somewhat new and still is subject to some degree of controversy, the presence of a formal degree that is recognized by the state does tend to lend some credibility to the art that may not be present otherwise.

Since Vedic astrology has begun to capture the attention of persons around the world, it should come as no surprise that the Internet is also being used to teach the basics of this form of Indian astrology. Online Vedic astrology schools that provide courses in a variety of languages have become increasingly common. While many of them are based in India, there is an emerging trend of persons who are proficient with the art to open online institutions that offer non-accredited degrees in the discipline.

Generally, the format will include reading assignments, online lectures, various practice exercises, and even homework that is submitted and evaluated by the sponsoring entity. Some of these online educational opportunities are provided at a minimal amount of cost, and allow the student to progress at his or her own pace, rather than following a rigid time frame with the curriculum.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of Vedic astrology, these schools are one of many options. You might also consider studying on your own or under an established expert in the field.

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