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General information about horoscopes

As any science astrology uses special approaches and instruments to foretell the future. Many well-known people took into consideration the astrologists’ advice when making decisions. Horoscope is a diagram showing the positions of stars and planets at the time of an event. Such an event could be a person’s birth or other event of importance. Creating horoscopes is a method of looking into the future and foretelling events. The events are related to some points in time and form the grounds of astrological prognosis. The horoscope is interpreted by means of system of signs or by means of calendar significance. Predictions can be based on celestial influences related to the position of the Sun on the day of birth.

Tools and approaches used in creating horoscopes

Horoscope uses map of the heavens over a particular place at a particular time. In most cases the Earth is in the center. The positions of planets are shown on the map as well as calculated indices such as lunar nodes, midlevel, zodiac signs, stars and others. Astrologists determine the angular relations of planets and other points. The word “horoscope” means “observer of the hour of birth” and is borrowed from Greek.

Horoscope conceptions

Astrology as a science uses various concepts. Time and place of event, called “native”, is placed on the map and is regarded as the center of “celestial sphere”. This sphere is described by a radius. Upon this radius appear objects differently placed from the native. The Earth’s equator is projected into space. The Earth and the Sun with their orbits determine the plane of ecliptic Horizon is centered on the native tangentially to the Earth. All these tools help to make the horoscopes precise and reliable.

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