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The top herbs for treating herpes are very powerful for stopping viral replication, reducing the duration of outbreaks and the frequency of their appearance. Herbs have the advantage over prescription drugs of not causing negative side effects.

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  1. @ruddiato Women with herpes have babies all the time and they comeout healthy. It’s only dangerous to the baby if he infects her while shes carrying the baby. However, studies have shown that only 0.01% or fewer will experience complications during their pregnancy as a result of their herpes infection.But 50% of women who have vaginal births in outbreak will pass it on to their babies. To be safe, have a c-section.

  2. i have a question,if a man has genital herpes and they take herbs or whatever it is to slow down the outbreaks or stop it,what happens if he gets a woman pregnant? what would happen to the woman and the unborn baby???

  3. Question: i had 3 bloof test and 4 urine test in a span of 5 months and all times´╗┐ all my test came back negative, yet i have a bad gential itch occasionally and i get a lot of sweating down there.. plus i’ve had past blemishes down there? HELP!

  4. Question: i had 3 bloof test and 4 urine test in a span of 5 months and all times´╗┐ all my test came back negative, yet i have a bad gential itch occasionally and i get a lot of sweating down there.. plus i’ve had past blemishes down there? HELP!
    chimychamwow 20 seconds ago

  5. I’m a teen and I have herpes, I have the oral herpes and it doesn’t hurt, it itches and tingles. But, it’s hard to eat and it gets me grossed out. I just live with it knowing that there will never be such a thing as a cure for herpes.

  6. colloidal silver, MMS, ozone therapy, the Pryoenergen machine and UV blood irradiation all CURE herpes and other viruses

    People: use Google and educate yourself in these little known medical methods – this is real medicine!

  7. @sbmrnh88
    type two is the genital herpes, and it’s less severe in it’s outbreaks.

  8. @DrDennisClark the virus will go away, if it can not live in the environment that it lives in, inside the body, if you make it unbearable for the virus to live in you, it will die off. It lives deep inside the nerve endings, so killing it is no easy task, this is true.

  9. @DrDennisClark You’re wrong. HSV-2 is Genital Herpes, HSV-1 is oral herpes that causes the cold sores around the mouth. There is a cure, its called your immune system, of course there’s no “petro-chemical” pill that cures Herpes, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a natural medicine and treatment for herpes, which is generally fixed by diet alone.

    Eating alkaline foods, drinking pure water, not smoking, not drinking alcohol is a start. Lowered sugar diet, no soda pop, etc.

  10. There are multiple sites and videos on Youtube explaining how each portion of the Protocol functions to help those suffering from primarily viral diseases and has personally helped me with my CFS. Please visit the Unleash Health site for more information on the Protocol and therapy!

  11. @Reverseflush use the natraul stuff man..pharmasitacil crap wont work like valtrax..also wash with tea tree oil ..and take oilve leaf pills

  12. Do these herbs just treat, or do they actually eradicate the herpes virus from the body? If they only treat, then perhaps it would be best to just use the word TREAT rather than CURE to avoid confusion.

  13. Any one have herpes should go to STDRomance site. There you can check STD question and Answers, ask the STD doctor online, and Meet local H singles

  14. doctor what do you think about MEDAVIR? they say after 2-6 treated outbreaks with this medication outbreaks will never be seen again in a lifetime. do u recomend this. is their any medication that cures the outbreaks atleast or is that like asking for a cure

  15. doctor i just found out i have herpes type 2. am emotionally destroy i have read tons of info online and i dont know what to believe. well my outbreaks have no blisters or nothing. its just small bumpy red, it can go away within 24hrs leaving to rash on my skin. i have encounter numerous outbreaks in less than one month (like 5). i heard about MEDAVIR what do you think.

  16. what type of plant was that? i couldnt quite make it out. it was the suggestion you made after garlic. thank you

  17. I was newly diagnosed with HSV. Im reading literature and I am seeing that a certain amount of this herb can cause hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. I see that the FDA banned it, but how much do you have to ingest in order for that to happen? does this shrub come in a oil form so I can apply it directly on my skin which might decrease the damaging effects on my liver and kidneys?

  18. how long does it take for oral herpes around the mouth to appear if someone becomes infected?

  19. there wont ever be a cure. to much money being made off all the other bullshit they make to keep it suppressed. something u buy every month. why make a cure to completly kill the virus with one time use of a drug. they probably have a cure just trying to figure out how to make as much money as possible!

  20. I am trying a protocol from Jim Humble’s MMS. I have heard it has worked several times … What treatments have you heard ??

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