Understanding Astrology : The Sign Libra in Astrology

Libra is a diplomatic and superficial sign, get expert tips and advice on astrology, sun signs, and the zodiac in this free video. Expert: Gnobo Calypso Contact: www.mastermysticalnumerologist.com Bio: Gnobo Calypso has studied and practiced astrology and Mystical Numerology for over 30 years and currently has an office at the New Age Center in Sedona Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

25 thoughts on “Understanding Astrology : The Sign Libra in Astrology

  1. At first hand you see Libras as accomodating and agreeable. But after a while they turn into a self-serving arrogant assholes(especially the men). Don’t give a libra what they want they forget about you like yesterday’s trash. These people are mostly into themselves & only into fair play when its involving them. Not to say they the worst signs to be around but they can display some nasty traits when they get upset.

  2. lol i have that book in his hands..libras are the diamonds of the zodiac….ugh bitches!!!

  3. this is sooo damn true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my bf is a libra and im an aries
    hes just always caught up in his thoughts, so worrisome.

  4. @bluekissesxoxo Indeed, this is true for every sign sadly, but some are worse than others in handling pain I think.

  5. @gween if they are mean usually its with certain people or someone has abused the good nature they once had

  6. @Kingofeurope this is SO true! Me and my mom butt heads. It’s weird one day she seems like she is loving then the next treats me all stupid. Then she wonders why I don’t want to be close to her! they can be manipulative and lie like its an art. better to keep them as friends but cancers are VERY JEALOUS! my mom and good friend both told me how jealous they are of me-both cancers-so beware with your secrets!!!

  7. I’m a Libra and none of this sounds like me. Hm. I’m definitely not narcissistic and while I generally do hide my emotions, I don’t want someone to tell me what they are. I’m a loner by nature, so I don’t like being around pretty much anybody.

    I guess it depends on what book you read. *shrugs*

  8. @RiaIsRatedR
    I feel you. There’s hella retards talking shit about Geminis on the other vids, too. Its amazing how many folks are dumb enough to do shit like this. Prejudging folks because of something that is out of their control…it’s like racism.

  9. Well I guess that explains why I behave the way I do. Based on this guy..I’m a textbook case.

  10. I’m a libra, and i’m nice to people and actually pay attention to them as long as they return the favor. However, if they’re rude and obnoxious i typically just stay away unless forced to be around this person, than i try to bring peace and understanding to the situation. Also, I never feel the need to be a leader like a president, but i like to teach people what they don’t know.

  11. Most of this Is true, idk about us being leaders tho. I’m a libra, I can pitch in good ideas but I don’t like to be a total leader.

  12. Libras are best compatible with Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius. The worst match for Libras is definitely Cancer; you will never understand these people because they are weird and never tell you their actual feelings, instead they’ll make you feel bad about yourself, criticizing you and pinching your nipples in the worst way. Never get involved with Cancer. Trust me.

  13. But that’s true of every sign, I just feel sad to see mean Libras as I am Aries.

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