What is God? Who is God? What is Soul? Spirituality Truth

www.siddhayatan.org http www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Enlightened Master, Acharya Yogeesh, expresses his realizations on soul and what we call God. God is not a man in the sky, a father, or a judge, rather, God is combination of 3 powers, Generative, Operative, and Destructive (GOD). Soul is God. Tune In. Transcription What is God? What is Soul? For people of all religions God is a being, a Father who sits on his golden throne. He is omnipotent and almighty. People fear him because they think he can punish or they pray to please him. Why does God need prayer and praise if he is almighty? He does not need praise. These wrong ideas have been embedded in people’s minds. God is not separate from us. He is inside of you; he is you. Whereas God is bodiless, our problem as people is that we are trapped by karma in our body. When the soul is released from karma, pain, suffering and sensation it achieves real freedom. That soul is blissful. In reality we are that. God is not somewhere above in the “Kingdom of Heaven.” By expanding your soul you become closer and closer to God who is formless and shapeless. Those who claim that they converse with God are false because how can you converse with a bodiless entity? Conversation takes place only when there is body. But an enlightened can converse with God because when he leaves his last body he merges with the light. God is that light. God is a shining and there is no purpose to the shining just as the sun shines without purpose. The

25 thoughts on “What is God? Who is God? What is Soul? Spirituality Truth

  1. So indeed John lennon was a good example of what really GOD means nor Generative Operative Destruction no the other meaning of freedom. So indeed john lennon was an example of god. I will follow him

  2. @jupiter574 He is an Hindu. read their texts atheism way of thinking is very similar to their way of thinking. it is a religion that has evolved and did not stand still. Hinduism and Buddhism seek enlightenment but can be seen as a search for knowledge similar to scientists. they will rejoice when they discover something new and accept the fact some things believed to be true are wrong.

  3. and if i dont belive in god em i going to hell ,if i dont belive in god i dont belive in hell in satan in every god that exist in univers where will i go ….no1 knows 😉 peace

  4. @moskri013 im atheist but we are both in agreement about the fact that religion is an institution invented by humans not beleif itself, the institutions merely exploit such beliefs

  5. Since we are not separate from God, God is everywhere in everyone. It’s just that our senses block us from seeing the truth.
    Can God be manifested in human form?

  6. I believe that God is the most powerful being who has a Spirit and also it has a body of Tangible flesh and bones! He can turn into anything he wants! If he created us and our bodies, what makes anyone think that he doesn’t have a body of his own?

  7. Search for the “Truthcaster” here in youtube. he is the only one telling the truth right now.

  8. Are you implying pantheism by saying God is sleeping inside of you and you are basically you are all God?

  9. @moskri013 do you have any evidence? i mean and your god is not necessarily good. look at what happened in Haiti,..a whole family died and left one child suffering behind, and the child was traumatized. so if the god your saying can do things like that to people, why should i pray to him?

  10. Thank you Guru, I’m amazed as people in this world cant see that we are GOD in present and body.

  11. Though he said Thou shalt not kill, he ordered death for all opposition, wholesale drowning and mass exterminations; punishes offspring to the fourth generation (Ex. 20:5); ordered pregnant women and children to be ripped up (Hos. 13:16); demands animal and human blood to appease his angry vanity; is partial to one race of people; judges women to be inferior to men; is a sadist who created a hell to torture unbelievers; created evil (Is. 45:7); discriminated against the handicapped (Lev. 21:1

  12. @maxtune100 We all believe the same thing, we just speak different languages and use different syntax.

  13. The truth has never been spoken as clear as on this vid. But who is ready to hear it?
    We ‘are’ in a way ‘God’. There is only one ‘thing’ and we are part of it. All is one.
    What a shame that most of us are deaf.

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