Is it more important to ” believe ” or is it more important to walk a disciplined spiritual path ?

If a person had no beliefs, but adhered to a disciplined spiritual path what would be the outcome be?

I know you can only speculate, but hey, it’s fun to guess

7 thoughts on “Is it more important to ” believe ” or is it more important to walk a disciplined spiritual path ?

  1. We have a mind and it is wrong to suppress and neglect it. Think and beware of those who chastise those who are honest and skeptical.

  2. Only a spirit can walk a spiritual path and there’s no evidence that spirits exist.

  3. You become a better, stronger person and attain knowledge that can’t be found otherwise!

  4. Your question shows that you know this is a gray area, and in that spirit must the answer be.

    Frankly, the scenario for the next few years is downright scary. It seems that billions may die in the coming economic meltdown from associated causes such as war, etc. The Bible’s message is stark — read Isaiah 24.

    It would seem unlikely that all who follow a righteous path, but are not Christian would have to die. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t dare choose this path, the chances are not guaranteed.

    How you would cope once joblessness grows beyond previous known bounds and perhaps beyond government’s ability to cope with – how you are going to get help without imploring our heavenly father is a good question. If you succumb to unrighteousness, your life will be forfeit. This includes sexual behavior.

    Of course, the next few years are going to see some improvement on the economy, but it will re-bounce worse than ever before.

  5. Every person has beliefs, but not all of them are spiritual, or deal in religious values. Man cannot live without beliefs of some kind, in something, if only in himself. It’s how we are built.
    That said, I believe that it is vital to walk a disciplined spiritual path, because while experience may teach, the pursuit of experience for its own sake, is wasteful not alone of time and energy, but of potential. And to pursue mere experience for the sake of experiencing it, is just vain and silly indulgence. In many ways, the journey IS the goal, since that is our experience on earth, in time, as it were. But one ought also to intersect meaningfully and positively with others along the way, and learn not only about ones surrounds, living and otherwise, but about oneself.
    Maturation is the ultimate goal, or to get as far along that path as one may, and through there is no reason one cannot enjoy the trip, to learn and to ripen in and of yourself is the penultimate pursuit which we ought each to be aiming at. Otherwise, you might as well be a leaf upon another’s whim or, as Kansas so eloquently put it, Dust in the Wind.

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