The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the Horoscope w Eileen McCabe

How three important elements of the natal horoscope impact the personality. For information about astrology classes and events in New York City, please visit

25 thoughts on “The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the Horoscope w Eileen McCabe

  1. @jmars32096 Mines is Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus. I think it’s cool to have a Taurus moon

  2. If you haven’t noticed by my membername lol…..

    Sun – Aries
    Moon – Cancer
    Rising – Libra

  3. So what do you do when you’re born on the day the moon changed signs and two different times are commonly given for the transition on that day? Another question, is there a such thing as a lunar cusp?

  4. Mine is really weird..

  5. I have a weird combination…
    Sun: Virgo
    Ascendant: Aquarius
    Moon: Sagittarius


  6. when you do a natal chart there’s a line that goes through the middle of it. One side is decendant, the other ascendant. Which ever sign the line goes through is the ascendant.

  7. I have my Moon and Asc in Aquaruis opposite my Sun In Leo its kind of hard to deal with and I also have Pluto Square my Moon, Sun and Asc it gives me lots of tensions, I realy dont feel like a Leo, i feel more like a sun in scorpio and moon and Asc in aquaruis.

  8. no, but close on the 2nd. hey so being really rebellious = really smart?..haha.

  9. Aquarians are as smart as they are rebellious tho. Take it from me. You weren’t born around Feb. 3 1987 were you? Im the 10th

  10. Capricorn is your highest potential (Ego)
    Cancer is your past (Subconscious)
    Scorpio Rising is how you appear to be tho you are actually a Capricorn

  11. Hey man, I hear you. That all seems true but about the “changing the world” and “good fortune in my search for a soul mate” I just dont under stand and seem absolutely not true?. Hey Deepsoulblu I was reading that Aquariuss are supposed to be really intelligent and smart and what not…if that were true I would be making A and B’s in school…when really imp making C’s, D’s and very very few, once and a blue moon B’s.

  12. dude, great astro configuration !! For one thing u must be the most likable person ever! Magnetic, interested, and extraordinarily deep, & somewhat mysterious. Perhaps u rush into things a bit, but the affairs of your heart are entertaining to both you and your partners. U R 1 that can really change the world. Your ideas are firmly liberal, yet there is some indication toward traditional religious practices. I can see good fortune in your search for a soul mate, but it will take some time…


  13. Sure! If your MC House position is 10th you are a bit picky, following the flow of this material world and plus if it’s 11th you’ll be blindly optimistic with too many friends for your own good. But remember this is not allways the case with Sagittarian MC:s.

    You could be more spiritual, silent, cautious if your House position is 12th instead. It’s like 2 different beings looking to a mirror image. One with only instinct doesn’t know while the other recognizes immeadetly his/her image on it.

  14. No Shah I haven’t. I am so interested in that, but after reading on it I seem to get confused as far as the house positions. Can you explain it to me?

  15. By all means, do you happen to know about your Midheaven and its House position?

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