What’s the worst thing homeopathy could do to you?

Hi. I must begin homeopathy treatment but I’m scared to begin it. What’s the worst thing that could happen to me?
I am not physically ill (but sort of mentally). So I am NOT on a medical prescription. I am only on a homeopathic prescription.

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  1. It depends on what the treatment is. If it’s herbs or herbal supplements, it’s the same as medicine, you could have an allergic reaction or side effects. If it’s energy healing like Reiki, it can do only good — there are no negatives to Reiki or other energy healing treatments.

    Also, if you are already on prescription medications or even over the counter medications, you need to make your medical doctor AND the homeopathic “doctor” aware of what you are on — herbal supplements can have adverse reactions to or cause adverse reactions to medications.

  2. You should not begin anything you are scared to do. Aren’t you an adult? Who is pressuring you and why do you let them? As for Reiki, there are no side effects, but it is different then homeopathy. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  3. That’s the great thing about Homeopathy… it helps your body heal itself so there are basically no side effects.
    If you take something that you aren’t prescribed for or that you don’t need, your body’s immune system will still get the benefits, but there would be no ill effects.

    Simply put, it gives a very, very small dose of an irritant. That small amount stimulates your immune system to attack it, but with the small amount, your immune system completely overwhelms that little bit and all the extra impact from it goes to help the rest of your body. In that aspect, they work similar to the idea of vaccinations (but MUCH safer because there’s less irritant and no harsh preservatives), so even if you take the “wrong ingredient”, you’ll get that added benefit, but it just wouldn’t help for the condition you’re trying to help at the time.
    Good luck!

  4. I would be careful because if you are on prescription medications, a homepathic treatment could interact with your medicine and could cause side effects, etc.

    Also talk to your doctor first.

  5. The worst thing it could do is not work. Then your problem would continue and possibly get worse.

    The worst thing a practitioner of homeopathy could do is convince you that he can “cure” something that he can’t and have a patient drop needed meds and end up either hospitalized or dead.

    If you feel you are having a side effect from a homeopathic remedy, drink some coffee, as caffeine kills the effect of homeopathy.

  6. Hi, The great thing about homeopathy is that you dont get side effects. The only way that anything would happen is if they gave you a really high dose of something and u had an unexpexted proving. which just means that you will get the symtoms for that remedy for up to an hour. But this hardly ever happens. Homeopathy is safe and natural noone has ever died from it unlike the millions of deaths caused by prescription medicine. The homeopath will have a first appoint with you for an hour or two and ask you lots of questions about your symtoms, and what makes them worse or better. From that they will choose a remedy that matches as many of those symtoms as possible which should then cure you of those symtoms. Sometimes they will find the remedy straight away and other times it will take a few trys as there as thousands of remedys they have to choose from.So dont give up hope with it after one try it might work instantly and it mite take a few weeks. All i can say is give it a try, it can cure mental and physical symtoms. A great book to read is The Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky if you still want to know more before you try it.

  7. The main harm from classical homeopathy is not likely to come from its remedies, which are probably safe but ineffective, though this is changing as homeopathy becomes indiscernible from herbalism in some places. One potential danger is in the risk of not getting proper treatment by a conventional medical doctor. Homeopathy does not explain pathologies or their cures in a way that conforms with the data, nor promises to lead us to a greater understanding of the nature of health and disease.

    Here is the major disconnect that I see so often. I think people that promote alternative medicine like homeopathy are generally sincere in their desire to “do good”. But they often don’t have a proper background in science prior to studying alternative medicine. What they lack is what makes good science, the need for evidence. They instead rely on “testimonials” or “anecdotal evidence”. Which really has no place in science or medicine. Homeopathic practitioners will try to sell the concept by saying that its “safe with no side effects, unlike dangerous drugs that kill people”. But what people need to realize is that if something has absolutely no side effects, then its not likely having any physical effect at all. If you alter anything in your body (ie, taking a drug) there are going to be effects. Some of the effects are intended for a beneficical purpose, and some are not. One person’s “side effect” may be another person’s desired effect. The point is, its virtually impossible to have “no side effects”. What that means is that there really aren’t any effects at all. I hate to see people waste so much money on “treatments” that some Joe Shmo invented while he was high. I’m talking about chiropractic, homeopathy, reiki, magnet bracelets, etc. The list is a mile long.

  8. The worst that will happen is your wallet will be lighter but you will be no worse off than you were before you started.
    You will not get worse from Homeopathic treatment.

  9. Sir, if you’re not ill, then why are you taking homeopathic um.. “medication?”

    I suggest just dropping the homeopathy stuff and see a medical doctor so you can get real help.

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