Astrology = Bible part 3 of 4

The Bible is nothing more then a Astrotheological Literary Hybrid. A must see video! From the movie/Documentary “Zeitgeist”.

17 thoughts on “Astrology = Bible part 3 of 4

  1. If Jesus is supposed to be the sun, then who daresay is the forgotten 13th sign Ophiuchus?

  2. How do explain the astrological events that revelation and matthew both account, and that we now know really happened. see “the bethlehem star”

  3. Not really. I should have known though, against the literary genius of: “suns rays also look like sphagetti” everything else would sound… dumb.

    And so nice of you to inform me of your sharp sense of humor.

  4. why would you take the time to say such a dumb thing? is that supposed to be funny?

  5. Actually,

    “Wearing a crown of thorns” is what the sun rays look like when coming through tree branches.
    Not to get too specific because that’s really not the point. But there you are.

  6. People were compelled to believe in the bible by men with clubs, swords, and guns It has always been about power and control over others..

  7. Thx. To answer your question. People are afraid to hear, speak, and know the truth. As they fear their deity’s (God) wrath. If God is going to be that evil, then he can just join Lucifer in his own lake of fire, because two wrongs do not make a right. I’ll send you a video called” Does Heaven and Hell Exist?” that someone made.

  8. Dude you are my hero. This set of videos just blew my mind. It all falls into place now. How can millions of Christians follow all the lies over this many years. Keep up the good work

  9. Oh man, the truth will set you free. As an astrologer, my pagan prayers have been answered in hearing about this video. That was all I wanted for christmas!!

  10. This also explains why Christians have been so against astrology. They didn’t want people to know what this was really based on.

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