why is every question in the religion and spirituality subject swamped with athiests?

the Definition of an atheist is not believing god or a higher power.

so no religion… no spirituality…

so how come when questions are posted about god atheists everywhere seemed forced to tell them they are wrong.
isn’t that what you get mad at theists for… explicitly detailing their beliefs and telling everyone… when supposedly no one wants to hear?

without stereotyping… from what ive seen, why is it atheists are so arrogant and hypocritical?

33 thoughts on “why is every question in the religion and spirituality subject swamped with athiests?

  1. 1.) It’s “atheists”.

    2.) What part of “open forum” is unclear to you?

    3.) If your god had any basis in fact, don’t you think he’d be able to handle a little scrutiny without his fanclub crying “foul”?

    4.) It’s not “arrogant” to insist on evidence before we’ll take your or your god seriously. It’s called “reasonable skepticism” — you should try it sometime.

    But then again…if you ever did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?

  2. Because this could have been a powerful tool for the spreading of God’s word, and the atheists are doing their level best to prevent that.

  3. you know the big book that says “dictionary” on its cover???

    take it and check the meaning of the word “spirituality”

  4. The last time we left you guys go totally unchallenged we got the Dark Ages. We’d just like to avoid a repeat.

  5. No, we get mad at theists for trying to push their beliefs on others via legislation.

  6. Actually you’re wrong. Some atheists are identified as having a religion such as Buddhism, and some are spiritual.

    Religion =/= spirituality

    As well, if you only want one sided views that agree with you, you’re welcome to visit a theist only forum instead. This is for everyone 13 and up, as long as you follow the TOS and CG.

  7. If you only see atheists than you’re not looking very hard.

    There are plenty of Christian questions here. Atheists are here for their input or answers to their own questions, as is the rest of us.

    Atheists are not religious, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not spiritual.

  8. The most maddening thing about Atheists is they don’t really care if you’re one of God’s chosen people and they’re not.

  9. You only think that we atheists are arrogant and hypocritical because we don’t agree with you. This section is to discuss religion & spirituality. You don’t have to be religious to discuss it. You just might learn something from us. If not, then it’s your loss.

  10. I am continually drawn here by the questions — like your own — directed at atheists.

  11. Because they are misunderstood as much as they misunderstood people who believe in God. We should treat them the way we treat God’s believers. For they also want us to respect their belief, as much as we respect ours.

  12. It’s a open forum >.>

    The atheists who are arrogant and hypocritical are usually the ones who are just trying to get attention for themselves. Everyday atheists go about their lives like everyone else

  13. and it’s not swamped with theists as well?

    c’mon, just because we dont believe in god or a higher power doesnt mean we are completely ignorant and stupid, i mean, our intelligence and non-ignorance have led us to become atheists.

    stop making false judgements.

  14. *Drink*

    This is the Religion and Spirituality Section. Not the Theist Section. Not the Christian Section. Not the Religious Section – The Religion and Spirituality Section.

    You are correct in that atheists do not believe in supreme beings. That said, that does not mean that atheists are not or cannot be spiritual. Some are and some are not.

    Also, being neither religious nor spiritual does not necessarily prohibit one from being interested in a certain topic. For example, I am caucasian but I am very interested in Asian culture. Should I not discuss or study Asian culture because I am not Asian?

    “without stereotyping… from what ive seen, why is it atheists are so arrogant and hypocritical?”

    -How is that statement made without stereotyping?

  15. You’re either a troll or a bigot. A belief in a god(s) is not required to be spiritual. Even if it were this is an open forum and therefor everyone is welcome. If you don’t like then you’re welcome to go somewhere else.

  16. Why are so many people who have never been president commenting on his actions?

    Why are so many people who have never been professional athletes swamping the sports sections?

  17. Don’t be mean to atheists. I remember being in my teens when life was so black and white. Everything was so obvious with my years of experience.. lol. Don’t get annoyed because they are so enthusiastic about their beliefs.

  18. We keep telling you, if you don’t want to hear from us, STOP addressing questions at us!
    Of course we are going to notice questions like yours.
    Besides, religion and spirituality aren’t requisites to each other.
    I am a spiritual atheist, I believe that everything and everyone in the Universe has an “energy”, it could be called spirit, chi, soul or the “force”, but it is there, I just don’t believe in deities.

  19. just a slight pedestal you have driven up your behind there

  20. -because of your bad grammar.
    -we do these things at our free time
    -because we have “free will”-the irony
    -arrogant and hypocritical? their life is free, free from the belief of the big sky daddy and fear of hell.We are carefree. But still we have morals unlike SOME CHRISTIANS who have a deluded mind and a perverted sense of morality.

  21. First of all believing in religion and being spiritual are two very different things. If you read more into the answers i bet you will find more bible bumping christians ranting about some passage to prove their point, i do not see any Atheist doing that, it is just giving another side than the only side most Christians see. Why is it so hard for you to admit you cannot be wrong, but you try and tell all atheists and non believers that we are wrong. Stop being so one-sided and open up your brain (if you can) and see that their is no definitive answer, only your faith and our knowledge.. Atleast we are not being told what we need to and need not to believe in and can think for ourselves… Maybe if your tried that once in a while you would not be asking these questions and taking every atheists comment as a dig.. it is merely hilarious i know from my standpoint to see all you struggle to name a passage to take a dig at me… ouch still hurts!! we are not the ones being hypocritical at all, do some research on what an atheist is before you run your mouth!

  22. Intelligence is often seen as arrogance.

    Atheism is a view ON religion.

    I don’t see hypocrisy from atheists, I rarely see hypocrisy from singular atheists.

  23. We are the one’s who is arrogant hey? Theist are ones who believes that their religion is the great truth even though all others claim the same. Theist are the ones who think that the “creator” of a vast, almost unending universe is intensely interested in their lives. Theists are the ones who also think that in a universe where everything ends, somehow an exception will be made for them. Religion, my friend is the personification of arrogance.

  24. This is a board to discuss religion, not a board for religious people, and atheists are as capable of discussing religion as respectfully as anyone else.

  25. Because we want you to improve your writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. You have spent so much time studying a worthless bronze age book of fiction that few of you can write a proper English sentence. Take your question for example.

    Atheists and I’ve are spelled incorrectly.
    You start sentences without a capital letter,
    You do not use question marks where required.
    You sentence structures are abysmal.

    We are just trying to get you on the right path.

    Oh! And because you are also an atheist.

  26. Well first, they can say anything they want. This is an open forum. Second, they don’t believe in God, and in many cases refuse to. A lot of them are angry about something, and use this avenue to vent. I’m not saying they’re the only ones; not by a long shot. However, it is still very true about them.

  27. They are frightened and lost and in the dark, and so they think that if they shout the loudest, the bogey man won’t get them.

    But, he will.

  28. They are the opponents of religion. Some are here just to antagonize, some are here to evangelize, and some are here to learn religious perspectives from religious people. In any open forum regarding religion, expect atheists to be there. When there are gay pride parades or abortion rallies, or even atheist conventions, always is there a Christian or two present. Opposing beliefs and ideologies have to confront one another because to a large degree both are interested in truth and discrediting their opposition. That’s they way it is, and frankly in my view, the way it ought to be.

  29. Why do theists have any involvement in the education system? The definition of a theist is one who chooses faith over logic and reason. So no logic or reason…no education…

    However, to answer your question:

    Because your ancient superstitions are being forced on society through government, which makes it a hot topic for discussion.

    Because religious world views foster misinformation and ignorance leading to increases in the spread of disease, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, and hate crime.

    Because some atheists used to be theists and therefore have an interest in continuing their search for knowledge and struggle against the bonds of their religious upbringing.

    And because this is a public forum for the exchange of ideas and this particular section happens to be one of the most entertaining.

  30. Uh, that’s still stereotyping, just like saying “I’m not racist but…” is still racist.

    If someone asks a question about which I have a legitimate opinion, I’m entitled to post an answer.

    Or are only answers you like allowed??

  31. this is tedious
    atheists can be spiritual
    atheism is a position/philosophy to do with religion

    it can be argued that atheists are dealing in reality and facts

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