25 thoughts on “Wiccan Tips: Helping Newbies

  1. @Inuyashapaladin717 And i understand the concept of many of its believes and traditions. However, friends…when we bicker and argue with hate in our hearts we find no common ground, we look for reasons to fight. Do not be consumed in the idea that we, ourselves, are not capable of doing wrong and harm. All the bad parts of us that we deny, reject, and hide, without facing and acknowledging them will come back to haunt us in the end…

  2. DethRattleMilkShake and Neopagan 2007. Chill the hell out you guys. Seriously. Did everyone become so ego-filled that they tramp upon one another like a herd of raging buffalo? Intolerance of anothers view point in the world is the VERY reason we all need to stop, breath, and discuss…not argue like little children on “I’m right, your wrong.” I, myself, am no longer a christian,, but i do understand many concepts in it and don’t butcher it to death. However, i also understand the Pagan/Wiccan..

  3. Guidance is all we give and all we can do. We have to bear in mind that our personal ways are not the only way. Otherwise you come off as sounding terribley arrogant and arrogance stands in the way of spiritual development. Being honest about who you are will really work in your favor in both the short and long term! Remember that newbies are not necessarily ignorant to the craft.

  4. @fervent66
    i am not sure what i would like to learn of it just a lot. but at the moment i have no computer and have to find ways to get to one… but manly i been worshipping and thanking gods like late at night cause my mom doesnt agree with my religion that i am willing to take.

  5. @DisturblyDisturbed0 exactly…i seriously know a girl that thinks shes a whitelighter..lol…*facepalm*

  6. @fervent66 i want to learn everything =) my friend is trying to help me but shes….not all there….right now i’m looking at spells for my bf. his health is getting worse n b/c of that hes put on a lot of lbs. we have tryed the doctor over n over but hes just getting worse.

  7. @fervent66 its basically a guardian angel for witches and future whitelighters.they orb and instantly heal things, hang out in heaven and whatnot.

  8. @jayfeatherluver ur parents don’t have to know. u can learn spells, without them knowing about it. as long as u don’t say anything, they won’t know.

    u should keep a hidden diary. take notes, n refer back 2 it, when ur doing a spell.

  9. @lilwabitgirl what kind of spells, that interest u ?. make a list. i might can help u.

    just let me know when ur ready.

  10. @waterbabyayla what kind of spells, are u trying to do ?. what is it, that u

    want to learn ?.

  11. im a teacher as well n i find some of the things he say well the well he says it funny no affence iv been practicing seence the age of 11 n im know 18 my mum n dad are both pagan n remmember when i was learning n beenin thrown books at and havein to read and reserch my self soyrya is my 1st book i ever had lol its also very hard teaching people when they are not fully wanting to learn this is when i just say right go away medatate think about wether u want it or not then come back

  12. im new. i’m trying real hard. i get lost easy n reading and misunderstand things. trying to work on that, that n spelling.

  13. i seriously did know a girl who really REALLY thought she was a whitelighter like on charmed 0.0 *facepalm!*

  14. Very well said..

    A wiccan who’s knowledge is advance, lead your students not to your own ways, but assist them on how to find their own path.

  15. same here…although i found out about it 2 years ago and thought about it for a bit

  16. @deathrider030675 Well right on. That’s really kind of you to share your own recipes online. 🙂 I wasn’t trying to upset you, but if I did I honestly apologize. I was just trying to save you the hassle of any legalities if you -Were- starting an online shop or trade-system. There are SO many laws & confines that go along with distributing alcohol {many of them in Fine Print} and I just didn’t want a nice Druid to end up facing huge fines or jail-time.I’m very sorry if I came off as harsh! BB )O(

  17. well i was not selling anything i was offering a recipe and for that i dont need any thing

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