Brainwave- Dream Tunnel – Theta Meditation – Binaural Beats

Brainwave- Dream Tunnel – Theta Meditation – Binaural Beats

Hyper Dimensional Being Vol.1 – DREAM TUNNEL — Brainwave Sound journey- is created to guide the listener into a powerful brainwave out of body experience. For better quality sound please visit This soundtrack is created to allow effective brainwave entrainment to happen with ease through experimental sound design and tones. Atmospheric in nature this soundtrack is like taking a journey out of this world and as you travel deeper and deeper you become more in tune with the wonderful theta rhythms within. Using deep tones and sound FX with powerful brainwave entrainment allows for a profound experience to take place every time. Create your own out of body perception with ease at the same time as you relax into a deep theta meditation that is unlike you has ever experienced. DOWNLOAD DREAM TUNNEL ABOUT THE COLLECTION Journey through theta realms with five unforgettable thirty minute brainwave sound journeys that go beyond the normal and into the deep theta awareness mind states that will leave you wanting more. The Hyper Dimensional Being soundtrack series is a powerful tool for theta brainwave induction, brainwave synchronization, deep meditation, powerful relaxation, lucid dreaming, out of body perception, stress release and unknown sound healing properties that result from brainwave sound journeys created with love and care. With a powerful intention to create a mass effect of consciousness development, awareness and self

  1. LusherisAug 01, 2010

    Anyone like to listen to these when using psychedelics?

  2. 221shineAug 01, 2010

    one eyed deer sitting on throne.. what kinda daydream is that? and he didnt know why he was there…. hmm..

  3. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @MadScientist7777 you can visit my website

  4. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @marcuskaye thanks for sharing

  5. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @unknowntbeast and to finally answer your question – most brainwave soundtracks if done correctly – have to go through the alpha ranges before then settle into theta- it is the proper process of ramping down and allowing the listeners brainwaves to follow the pattern(theta frequency) of the sound track. so basically you should be going from beta to alpha and then theta. hope this helps abit

  6. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @unknowntbeast so really when people experience theta brainwave sound and apply it to its fullest use(proper use) people experience many things( differs from person to person) what i noticed is that many companies will try to seperate those experiences in categories to market them according to them( meanwhile all these positive effects) are mainly experienced within theta and alpha ranges. so basically there is allot of carefully planned marketing out there that can slightly misslead

  7. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @unknowntbeastlooked it up- well yeah when you take somthing as brainwave entrainment and market it as a drug simulation experience it doesnt give the company much credibility – considering the website style and main stream targeted.
    I really focus on the SOUND JOURNEY experience throgh the use of theta frequencies. my goal is to make them as creative as i can without the limits of musical style. This way i can focus on creating a Sound Journey (with al the added benifits and effects of theta

  8. unknowntbeastAug 01, 2010

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this stuff before, only until the news started reporting on I-dosing, which I assume is giving things like this a bad reputation. It was a most unique soundtrack, and I am going to listen to it again while I relax in my chair.
    I saw somewhere else for lucid dreaming, it is best to listen to Alpha beats, then Theta. Any truth in this? If so, where could I find them. As long as you don’t turn us in to mindless drones, I’ll keep on listening.

  9. ScowlingWolfAug 01, 2010

    thank you,x

  10. Dorsey898Aug 01, 2010

    This one’s the shit! i had one of those longggg unforced daydream moments, this did feel like a dream for me AMAZING

  11. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @zenspiral89 well it all depends how you feel in response to the sound- obviously you find it freaky – like i always say not all theta reals sound journeys are going to be designed for everyone as there are spiritual explorers who want new stimulation and experiences that push the limits.

    but to respond back to this FREAKY comments i developed the COSMOSES series.

    also very powerful stimulation – but different sound design( yeah i said it again) Sound design

  12. ThetaRealmsAug 01, 2010

    @MrLeagueOJustice nicely said

  13. zenspiral89Aug 02, 2010

    This musically is most definitely ‘freaky’. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but it’s undeniable. Whoever said they don’t think it’s freaky, they just think it’s sound design is full of BS. (no offense)

  14. marcuskayeAug 02, 2010

    I read the coments. So interesting. I did it in my office room lights out and did get the freaky sense, yet I found it great since sometimes when lucid I encounter that feeling, or when I exit. so I stood infront of it, the longer I challenged it , the more it became the image of the death card behind me. In other words I get a sense that I stood in front of it until it voiced change is coming.

  15. MrLeagueOJusticeAug 02, 2010

    pansys in consciousness need not apply

  16. MrLeagueOJusticeAug 02, 2010

    @senaar2 got english?

  17. arrons1982Aug 02, 2010

    one of the better ones on here, definately had an impact

  18. MadScientist7777Aug 02, 2010

    how do i get the mp3 version of this, so that i can listen to it on headphones when i go to sleep?

  19. senaar2Aug 02, 2010

    @ThetaRealms true. Each of us are different. I met a person who didnt like chocolate cake for example. Who doesnt like choc cake!?! oh well 🙂
    I saved your other tracks to a playlist that i listen to alot. Great wrk, but for some reason this was the only track that didnt agree with me. ??? dnt knw why bt this was a bit intense for me. keep it comming though, i def. felt the other tracks! 🙂 Very sublime! And thank you for them.

  20. ThetaRealmsAug 02, 2010

    @senaar2 well it was designed to have an effect if you read the description- besides it will never be replicated as i always create new sounds – so what you will but it is still the most popular sound journey on my website – its powerful entrainment with a very outof this world sound design. exactly what it was created to be and 100% it is not for everyones taste but many people experienced in deep theta journeys know that sound journeys like these should be enjoyed at low volume level

  21. senaar2Aug 02, 2010

    made me feel off. sry prob wrong sounds in mix. my head got heavy felt weak. i knw u have good intentions but works of passion are all trial and error my friend

  22. ieatdeadbabies101Aug 02, 2010

    yeah it sounds cool but it has the errie halo 1 feel

  23. MedusasKimonoAug 02, 2010

    this is fabulous and very in the zone love it much 🙂

  24. realityexplorationsAug 02, 2010

    @DrChillDuck sounds like you were at the hypnogogic level then at the edge of the lucid dreaming level, lok them up ;o)

  25. jw22345Aug 02, 2010

    @moongrave5 I guarantee that if you do that again WITHOUT fear then you will have an amazingly profound experience. Remember, what you put out is what you get back… So put out unconditional love and compassion instead of fear, which will attract to you negative feelings, entities, and experiences when you project your consciousness out of your body. . .
    Namaste 🙂

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