Why is it not good to base your spirituality on your parents?

Why is it not good to base your spirituality on your parents?

My mother told me yesterday that in spite of your parents being the spiritual leaders of the house hold, it is never good to put faith in them but rather live according to your own faith because they can fall. To simplify it, I should only have faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ but not in my mother nor father (who never seemed very spiritual by the way), because when my parents fall I should not rely on them for spiritual counseling. Should I be independent for my own spirituality?

  1. BlueAug 06, 2010


  2. newcass1406Aug 06, 2010

    Duh, you’re your own person.
    But in my opinion, spiritual crap is… Well… Crap.

  3. DrucillaAug 06, 2010

    Yes. Definitely.
    They may be your parents, but to be an adult is to make your own decisions in life and stick with them.

  4. Matthew the VulcanAug 06, 2010

    You shouldn’t follow any religious beliefs simply because your parents do. You need to study religions yourself and come to your own conclusions, whatever they may be.

    Blindly following someone else’s beliefs is not a good idea since it leaves you open to manipulation.

  5. MissDementiaAug 06, 2010

    Everyone, no matter what their faith, should be independent when it comes to spiritual matters. You can’t simply adopt your parents’ faith or spiritual leanings and expect that to help you in any way. Each of us is responsible for ourselves in the end and I think any deity worthy of worship or honor would *know* if you were spiritually lost or dead and just going through the motions because of others. This is just one reason we don’t indoctrinate our own children in my faith. They are expected to learn about many faiths and then choose one – or none at all. We want them to be fully spiritually aware and responsible for themselves. Most of all, we don’t want them to be oath breakers and swear an oath to a deity when they don’t really mean it. Oath breakers to us are just as bad as murderers and deities tend not to like people who swear allegiance to them and don’t really mean it or live up to it.

  6. lovethelordsplanAug 06, 2010

    first of all if you are of age of reconition , this means your understanding right from wrong ,then you are held accountable for your own sins , this is typically at the age of 13, and you can read the (Word of God) with understanding then yes you have to make up your own mind to follow Christ. And maybe God is gonna use you to bring your parents to him !! praise the lord for the young peeps that want to serve him!! God be with you !!! lovethelordsplan

    Remember when you stand before the” Great throne of judgement !” you can’t go to God and say my parents did this or didn’t do that! He’s gonna say “what did you do with my Word? “

  7. nmyankeeAug 06, 2010

    Spirituality isn’t something which is a human to human relationship. As you don’t classify your parents among those who are spiritual, why would you seek advice from them when they, most likely, are unable to help?
    God created us with body, soul and spirit – the spiritual facet of our being is where God’s Holy Spirit should be residing and, when He lives within you, you would be governed by God’s Spirit rather than your own ‘sense’ of spirituality. Spirituality can only exist in a third dimension which is found within the relationship between a human and God.
    When seeking spiritual counseling, you have choices – you go to the people who have been trained for this … your deacons, elders or pastors, or seek advice/information from one of the older women in your church who has a reputation for being spiritually discerning. One of the purposes of having a ‘church home’ is that, as your brothers and sisters in Christ, the members are your support group.
    If you don’t have a church home, I suggest you ‘phone some of the churches near you to find which offers a Bible study held at a convenient time for you to attend. The Bible study leader will be someone who is qualified to give spiritual counseling.

  8. loboAug 06, 2010

    yes, they are not that seems good to others and not to you that is trapped where obey waits for parents to love is decieved as faith you has love next cannot love until honour them now is found as you see naked sins mean you see they suffer that for you next to learn from means thank god they did sin for you to not as honour now adds to obey rises true love way.

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