What does Saturn do in astrology and palmistry?

What does Saturn do in astrology and palmistry?

what happens when the fate line crosses the head line,heart line and goes straight under the middle finger somewhere around the saturn area? is it bad?what does it do? what happens wen the lifeline splits or divides?

  1. Donald SSep 22, 2010

    Astrology: Saturn is the bad planet. It symbolizes too little or too much of something. It crystallizes problems, wreak havoc and upheaval. Everything planet that forms an angle (30degree angles are known to be meaningful so that would mean 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180) with Saturn is influenced in a malefic way (with the exception of Jupiter because good always triumphs over evil) Saturn is also represents control.

    There are some cases that Saturn can be good if Astrological geometry occurs.

    As for palmistry I haven’t a clue.

  2. ropeted1Sep 22, 2010

    Saturn is the task master it shows you what you have to, and how you learn. My fav. planet in the astro charts

  3. Left-TSep 22, 2010

    When the fate line is unbroken from the wrist to close to the mount of Saturn or passed it, it is a sign of good luck financially and success. Remember that it also depends on the left hand and how the line is.

    As for the life line, it depends on how it is drawn in the left hand, and how it is drawn in the right hand. That is how palmistry is done.Not just with one hand. The left hand is what you start off with but , how you make use of it, is revealed in the right hand.

    As for Saturn in palmistry, you can see your career, friendship and fate.
    Hope that helps

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