14 thoughts on “Diana Garland – The Astrology of 2012 (part 1 of 3)

  1. @elegate87 all water signs feels all(cancer,scorpio and pisces)but what is your ascendent?

  2. Pluto isn’t a planet anymore…Also, how is it that the planet have an effect on people? And maybe be a little more specific. Astrology is just a bunch of nonsense, but I suppose there are worse hobbies people could have.

  3. i love your horoscopes! But why do you take so long to post them?? I anxious to hear about March.

  4. Its going to be important to habituate yourself before the shift of 2012, take in my Profile videos..

  5. Thanks you so much for these videos Diana! They are really really exciting and inspiring!!

  6. the last time pluto was in pisces was a long time ago, did you mean when pluto was inpisces ast?

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