Military Remote Viewing and Dowsing – EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE!

This is a 4-minute segment from the introduction of Paul H. Smith’s groundbreaking ‘Learn Dowsing’ DVD set. Finally, the secrets behind professional dowsing are revealed!

25 thoughts on “Military Remote Viewing and Dowsing – EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE!

  1. Osama is in Canada, there is an old community that was used for mountys
    that is now a resort community. I can look on a map and look this up again
    but google these terms and you will come up with location. It is now mostly Muslim community from what I understand. Where else is a tall Muslim with a kidney problem going to get free health care. he is there or was….

  2. dowsing actually , thats why it baffles me when i see people saying its fake or a scam.

  3. Why is it every video I see people are walking so slowly? You don’t need to walk slowly to dowse. Actually, I think it makes you have more mistakes.

  4. You really need to watch Paul Smith’s ‘World without Secret’ DVD then because they essentially did that and MUCH MUCH more! that’s why this military program was such a huge deal. It’s free so just order the darn thing.

  5. Put a dowser into a minefield, if he/she surrives retry if the dowser surrives 100 retrys…. check if the dowser would know anything about the mine field… or such take the dowser to an unannounced minefield and retest…..

  6. and lets the big one continue it activities (gather other rats and continue the trouble) so the exterminator keeps always coming to that house and make a lot of money.
    well, that’s the case with Afghanistan because that country has a huge strategic value. only history had shown us it importance by the countries which invaded it.

  7. lets think that ossam benladen is a nasty big rat and the US government is a Rat exterminator, ok? this guy wants to make a lot of money, but the business is bad. so he decides to go himself to a house to put his big and nasty rat (ossama) to make some trouble with the help of others rats (alqaeda and taliban) naturally, and then the house owner rapidly calls the exterminator to get him rid of the rats, but the guy only kills a certain number of the rats…

  8. I’m getting really tired of hearing the Osama statement. WAKE UP PEOPLE! the U.S. government does NOT CARE about funding or killing Bin Laden. Remote Viewers have been saying EXACTLY where he moves to and from for YEARS. Why do you think the U.S. government escorted his family members out of the country for safely on 911? I’m so sick of ignorance. And if you haven’t seem Ed Dames’ new DVD ‘Viewing the Future: Grim Predictions’ then WATCH IT ALREADY!

  9. They can find osama they already know where osama is. Osama is a CIA agent its all a hoax to fool the american people.

  10. You guys need to get down with some DOWSING!!
    Be a DOWSER, and DOWSE!!! And quit bellyache’in

  11. Agreed except I will take it a step further and say that Bin Laden is DEAD and he was CIA. Check out Benizir Bhutto interview on BBC.

  12. i remember when they said that on the news about his family getting flown out. thats when the questions started with me.

  13. All authentic threats to the US would be terminated already some people obviously don’t know what a lying government means.

  14. The USA has figured out all the information they need to terminate Al Qaeda but guess why they’re not doing it? They are skunking and lying to the public because they support “Al Qaeda”. They know where Osama is and support him fully but just need a reason to kill more people and weaken the American economy which will eventually be another reason for the New World Order.

  15. ROTFL!! I can’t believe you fell for the crap that the U.S. government is spoon feeding you. If you listen to radio interviews by some intelligence officers including Major Paul Smith and Major Ed Dames, they’ll tell you that the military knows EXACTLY where Osama is. They could care less about actually going to get him. In fact, on 9/11, Osama’s family was escorted out of the U.S. by military officials for their “safety”. Get a clue man.

  16. It is just like fire. Good and bad. It is up to us, not God at this point, but at the same time, may God bless us all.

  17. too bad americans are never the ones who are dying, right? one invasion if this place by a foreign power and u will be singing a different tune.

  18. actually God did not create death… death was created by our disobediance to God “the wages of sin is death” but thats not the point this being sed in the military is not a hard thing to think of… it was first used by the soviets and we satarted playing with it to see if it was for real and apparetly it got big for a while then they cut funding

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