PALMISTRY: Lilou’s Palm Reading!!! by Margaret Ruth

Margaret Ruth is one of the most popular and well known metaphysical teachers and psychics in Utah and is proud to be the Friday morning guest of one of the country’s best radio morning shows, airing on the highest rated Alternative Rock station in the country – one that has been written up in national publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine. She has also appeared on national radio stations and regional television segments such as Good Things Utah, ABC 4 News (ABC KTVX), Good Day Utah, (Fox KSTU), 2 News, 2 News This Morning (CBS KUTV). Margaret Ruth’s email: MICHAEL JACKSON’S PALM READING Margaret email: Tell her you saw this video and she will take $20 US off (so that’s 30 USD15 minutes palm reading) can also go to

7 thoughts on “PALMISTRY: Lilou’s Palm Reading!!! by Margaret Ruth

  1. could you please enlighten me on this matter? Also, I posses an awkward fate line that is in an exact shape as a lightening bolt. It begins at the base of my palm’s mound moon close to my wrist, and ends directing towards the mound jupiter, the tip branching into the shape of a trident. My saturn mound is very concave, and my fate line branches out into three directions, one of them going into this mound. The other directions leaning towards jupiter. My jupiter mound is well developed. …..

  2. I truly hope you are able to assist me. I have some questions pertaining to my palm that I cannot find any information on, nor can I afford obtaining a reading either unfortunately. My heart line goes straight across my entire palm and connects with the end of my life line; my head line begins where the two connect, slopping significantly downward, and is very long. All three of these lines do indeed connect, and I cannot find anything anywhere pertaining to this particular combination. …….

  3. Interesting. I read the Tarot, so although I am Catholic, I do belive in all forms of sprituality and this is great stuff. Thank you Lilou

  4. this was a spontaneous fun palm reading, but there is an interview before that i will upload tonight!!

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