Is being both an atheist and a believer of astrology coherent?

– Having no scientific evidence to support it
– Requiring some degree of faith to believe in it
– Having myth and superstition mixed with its teachings and philosophy
– Being based on metaphors and symbolic language.

Aren’t these shared by religion and astrology? Does it make any sense if someone says “I’m an atheist but I believe in astrology”? And if you do, why do you choose to believe in astrology, what supports your belief in it?

12 thoughts on “Is being both an atheist and a believer of astrology coherent?

  1. Yes it is coherent
    because atheism only says that one does not believe in the existance of a god or gods. Someone who espouses atheism can in fact believe in psudeo science such as astrology or alchemy for that matter. These atheists dont necessarily have to be intelligent or skeptics. Its sad really but thats life.

    But i think you’de be hard pressed to find an atheist who does excpet nonsense like astrology. I know i certainly dont

  2. I wouldn’t say so, for all the reasons you listed.

    Then again, humans are nothing if not walking bundles of contradictions…

  3. An atheist is just someone who doesn’t believe in gods, not necessarily a skeptic or a rationalist. There is no rule that says if you believe in one brand of woo, you have to believe in all the others, too.

    A person can believe in astrology and not in gods, or in psychics but not in astrology… We humans are a misterious bunch.

  4. You would be hard pressed to find an Atheist who believes in astrology but not in any religion.

    Because atheism is the lack of belief in a God, which is very much a supernatural concept with no real scientific evidence, they usually have a healthy skepticism of other crap like astrology, numerology, etc, etc, etc ETC…

  5. Just because someone doesn’t believe in a god, doesn’t mean that they can’t still be an idiot.

  6. I don’t think that would make sense, but people’s beliefs about lots of things aren’t compatible. Sometimes it’s situational or you just compartmentalize this belief away from that one or avoid cognitive dissonance in some convoluted manner.

  7. It doesn’t make any sense at all, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find an atheist who believes their horoscope. People in general have a tendency to believe silly things. It’s like the Archbishop of Canterbury, he’s incedibly smart but he’s also an archbishop.

  8. NO! That is definitely not coherent; For all of the reasons you listed. None of the Atheists I know believe in Astrology.

  9. Though your four criteria do not fit agnosticism, they do fit atheism. So belief in atheism is very consistent with belief in astrology.

    -There is no scientific evidence that supports atheism.
    -Atheism is a belief requiring faith.
    -Anyone who speaks about atheism invariably mixes myth, superstition, metaphor and symbolic language in order to speak of it. Myth, superstition, metaphor, and symbolic language are traits of language and mind that are inescapable.

    What makes science different is that it acknowledges its limitations and treats all statements as somewhat hypothetical. It is utterly skeptical in one sense and quite pragmatic in another. Science doesn’t really believe in anything. Science also never totally dismisses anything. Science is a way of thinking, not a belief system.

    Jung explained astrology as a form of synchronicity. I think scientists often also ponder the possibility of some sort of synchronicity in the universe.

    Many religions are very much against astrology because it explains the universe without god. Astrology is in some senses atheistic.

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