Is it possible to get DMT released through your body via meditation?

Is it possible to get DMT released through your body via meditation?

I just meditated i was in deep meditation when i get this rush of feelings, my legs kinda went numb, i saw a light through my vision it was a wave of this rush of kind of euphoria sensation. I felt like i was being rushed up, and up it was crazy. Could this be a conscious natural release of DMT? And other then the light of say these patterns of light blue it would start up vanish and start up again.

  1. Coral TaxiOct 11, 2010

    The Biology of the Inner Light

    Meditation evokes pineal DMT release through EM vibrations. Visionary experience with symbolic or religious content gives way to dazzling light of illumination, reported in eastern and western religions. Meditation modulates pineal activity, eliciting a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinates other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism. Resonance is induced in the pineal gland using electric, magnetic, or sound energy, resynchronizing both hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a chain of synergetic harmony that releases DMT, an endogenous psychedelic. Could be your right.I wrote this myself,Just When you are meditating correctly,you do what is called leaving the moment,you can still hear your surroundings,but you are not distracted by them,Which can seem like out of body experience.Relax you are not crazy.

  2. ToticOct 11, 2010

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