Ayurvedic Herbs and the Benefits of Ashwagandha & Triphala

Discover the benefits of ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic herbal products such as Ashwagandha, pure Triphala or Trifala, and Manjistha. Free info from Dr. John Douillard. www.LifeSpa.com

3 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Herbs and the Benefits of Ashwagandha & Triphala

  1. Positives I experienced with Triphala: Increase in sperm quantity, normalization of BP & breathing (with immediate effect), stress & depression reduction, cough/ mucus problems very much reduced and eyes & eyesight betterment.

    I also found out that all above conditions are smoking related side-effects. I smoke. This means Triphala neutralizes smoking side-effects to an unbelievably great degree and is a must for people who smoke!

  2. I’ve had these 2 undesirable effects from Triphala medicine (powder form): Sleep disturbance (when taken at night) and somewhat loose/ oily motion, without constipation getting cleared. Or can it be that, that oily thing is some fatty, undesirable substance Triphala is removing from my system? I’m in my mid-20s.

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