Matthieu Ricard – The Art of Meditation

The worlds happiest man” philosopher Matthieu Ricard explains how we can train our minds in habits of well-being.

9 thoughts on “Matthieu Ricard – The Art of Meditation

  1. @funnystarchild or maybe his chair was uncomfortable from sitting for so long. he wouldntve been there if he didnt want to be there. the answer to everything doesnt have to be complicated.

  2. That old man to the left felt unconfortable becouse Matthieu told the truth. He didnt know how to react to it and Matthieu reached a sensitive spot in him. He fought Mattiheus thoughts alla the way. He didnt want to hear it. He actually got a bit angry at the truth. I recognise that aura in a human. Its easy to read.

  3. “…why should i take out twenty precious minutes of my life to just sort of look at my navel…” lololol

  4. “Matthieu sir is a great Monk, has shared his wisdom several times on the basic problems and there very basic solutions several times.

    Has written a book on the subject of Happiness, the work and the insight is good.

    Listening him is better” 🙂

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