15 thoughts on “PALMISTRY by HaikuHelen.com

  1. What a well-spoken, erudite, lucid and persuasive teacher she is! I’d love to just sit in a room and listen to her talk about whatever comes to mind!

  2. Hi to see more go to haikuhelen.com. I have been doing
    reading for over 30 years(my mother was a palmist-& she learned frpm her grandfather.)

  3. I learned so much from this video.I really have faith
    in this palm reader. She is so vibrant so understanding
    so knowledgeable and intuitive. I would like to see more

  4. Hi mystic writer- I’d like to read some of your mystic writings!!
    How was your trip- Any mysical things to report??

  5. how long have you been reading palms? Do you accept xerox copies?
    I find this so facinating!!

  6. Hey I remember this talk! It was great, hopefully we get to see your latest talk soon. Great information very acurate!

  7. Thank you for the inspiring intro to palmistry. Gave me a new perspective on the subject of life path and individual purpose.

  8. I have watched the video 5 times and favorited it
    I sent the link to all my friends
    it is exciting video

  9. I agree with your comment, makawaomaiden
    I have new understanding of palmistry now after having watched this video
    I had not realized how profound it is

  10. I found it riveting
    and completely fulfilling
    I learned about palmistry, the kabbalah, and more
    A joy to watch, and a joy to learn
    Haiku Helen is talented
    Give yourself a treat and watch it

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