4 thoughts on “What is your definition of “soul-mates” and do you think that a person only has one or many?

  1. My ideal of a soul-mate is someone who shares the same interests in your activities, taste in music, etc

  2. i think soul mates are people who are meant for eachother.
    i think people only have one.
    some may have more, but don’t dwell on that.
    for example if someone gets married and their spouse dies, then they get married again, that is when they have more than one.
    if someone gets married then divorced, then that person they were married to just wasn’t the right one.

  3. I think your soul-mate is someone you love so much that you would doing anything for. Someone that even when times get hard they are there for you. Some one that you can share your happy and sad times with.

    someone who make you happy no matter what.

  4. This topic has intrigued me for quite some time… I have done research on, and lived it to a measure. Something I remember reading about it, was, in matters of the heart, we may have no choice but to allow other forces and factors beyond our intentional selves to work out the debates, the incongruities, and the contradictions, as we bring hope and desire to new love, and affection…That proud rush a person experiences with that twitch of love and all incompased attention we give or give to the sought after “dream”, can sometimes pull in deeper what a person we think may be a soul-mate. When really, the soul embraces as deeply as the person feels for or longs for. If and when that connection is broken, by some demise unplanned, the soul heals and moves on, thus revealing PERHAPS another soul-mate, not of the same kind, but, the kind the then “broken” soul needs to again, feel taken care of.
    Just a few thoughts from the theology of it…When it comes to the person we may involve ourselves with…the answer isn’t always found in a book of black of white. The point is to make all of life soulful, not just the private areas. Thus a soulful person, continues to feel filled up in many ways.

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