16 thoughts on “ragweed tincture

  1. ummmm…I think I would have to have someone make this remedy for me. Otherwise I would die instantly…lol…I’m just saying. My HayFever is severe!!!!

  2. How beautiful. To be taught at such a young age!

    Thank you for the powerful lesson on Ragweed today!

  3. she had just been in the swimming pool – climbed in fully dressed….so she and the clothing were drying off..it was a very warm day, and she was re-dressed soon after the video.

  4. COuld you just pull the flower buds off and fill a jar or do you need the stems and the leaves? I imagine some leaves are a good thing, but the stems?? thanks!!

  5. AMBER i have found you again mwhahaha. I just love playing this game its like a pagan where’s Waldo loool. *sings* I found Amber Amber Amber, I found Amber sheeeewbeeeedoooooobeeeeedooooo

  6. I might have to go out and find some and make some of this.

    My ragweed allergies are absolutely horrid.

    Thanks for this!

  7. This is a great video Susan! We are making medicine over here too!! Getting ready for winter! Many blessings

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