Science of Horoscopes and Astrology

From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from discourses titled, “Experience Through Your Eyes & Experience Your Aura”, Swamiji answers questions about the science of astrology. Swamiji tells us that just as when camera shutter opens momentarily, the image is captured on to a film, in the same way when we enter the body, the time of entering the body and the position of astrological planets affects your future. He describes how the different energy positions of the nine planets decides the cosmic energy level of one’s life. The complete discourse may be ordered online at

13 thoughts on “Science of Horoscopes and Astrology

  1. This Swamy has been caught in a Sex scandal today. Its on TV channels today from 10:30pm IST. Please check out. Please check out Sun News channel from India

  2. please how the hell does one practise Brahmacharya ? what does brahmacharya means to you ?

  3. I watched both movies several times. I love how you said it! that is exactly why I watched the movies; to internalize awareness in my decisions, so I don’t have to repeat the experience again and again. Thank goodness that we do not remember like the characters do in the movie. Imagine the load on our minds!!!!

  4. When it comes to destiny and ability to change it,I think of movie “Groundhog Day” or “Run Lola Run” in which the destiny is changed drastically by any slight change of the persons actions.

  5. True, I have expeienced this in my life! We become as we want to be. Afterall, God is the lover of all beings!!!

  6. it makes sense, as above so below. just like our genes; ultimately we are predisposed to certain things, but overall the fact that we can observe the inner workings, allows us the free will to not be completely controlled by them.

  7. Julian Lee is a good astrologer- also, he says if you practise Brahmacharya your destiny will change.

  8. Nithyanandam!

    Swamiji always tells us that free will and our choices made during this lifetime can wipe the so called destiny (actually prarabhda to be precise).

  9. I found it interesting that the big things in one’s life have been determined already (e.g. whether you become enlightened or not), and the only freedom you have is more minute details. I’m not sure what to make of this idea.

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