When are we going to separate Religion from Spirituality ?

Spirituality is ones personal belief in God or a power greater than themselves. The key point being that it is internal and personal not external.

Religion on the other hand is man made, period. It is essentially a business enterprise, with many becoming VERY large and VERY profitable. Religious institutions should be treated as business and taxed as such. Even the Religion and Spirituality section in Yahoo Answers should be divided into two separate categories as they are drastically different.

19 thoughts on “When are we going to separate Religion from Spirituality ?

  1. I’ve tried to tell people that. They dont accept it because it blows their excuses out of the water.

    Christianity is a experience, a relationship with Jesus. Jesus wasnt religious.I’m not anti religion, but church must be spirit lead, not lead by the flesh. Jesus is the head, we are the body. The apostles are my example.

  2. My religion is far from profitable….and I see no reason why I can’t have a religion AND be spiritual

  3. Tooooo abstract for me. We can separate them around tea time if you like, I’m not busy then.

  4. you want to separate religion from spirituality? good luck, I thought we had a separation of state and religion and that is not the status quo now.

  5. If life is just a highway and a soul is just a car, religion is the vehicle for spirituality – circular references unresolved.

  6. Separate a little farther. If you are worshiping a power greater than yourself, you are either worshiping YHVH the way He told you to, or you are worshiping a heathen ‘god’.

  7. Actually, religion stems from the personal, internal belief that God not only exists in some form, but has revealed Himself to us in some way, and has something to say to us.

    The main difference between spirituality and religion is that if you follow a religion you might actually have to make some changes in your life; spirituality requires no commitment or effort at all.

  8. Perhaps we could put one in the bull fighting section as this is usually empty anyway and sometimes R/S makes as much sense, don’t you think. I shall leave you to choose which one.

    My apologies to all you fans of bull fighting.

  9. C.S. Lewis made the statement that all evil is spoiled good.

    In some cases, religions started out with good intentions (some did not), yet all are inherently flawed because inherently flawed people determine the best way to relate to God.

    The minute you start centralizing power or thought, you open up the possibility of some using their position for power or to push an agenda.

    As some out here have already said, religion is man-made.

    Most who say they are “spiritual, but not religious” mean that they follow any religion that doesn’t believe in a monotheistic God.

    That’s all fine and good, except that it appears many of these supposedly “spiritual but not religious” people follow the doctrines of their alternate faith. I’m not quite certain how that is any less religious.

  10. We are all spiritual but Religion is for the edification of believers. Some people just do not shop around as cautiously as they do for a pair of shoes is all.

  11. To do something like that would be like separating a raw egg. Yeah, it can be done, but then it would just 2 different parts, and one part is usually dependant on the other to work as God intended it to be so. The shell is like one common goal; broken, it can nourish plants or can be put down the garbage disposal to help sharpen the blades, or just go in the trash to just stink up the place. One part of the egg gives flavor, while the other part helps other ingredients rise to the top. One part of the egg is clear but very shallow, and the other part of the egg is the cleansing but you can’t see through it. Combine the egg and you’ll have something synonymous in making a perfect cake,or a perfect omelet, or a perfect baby chick which will eventually make more perfect eggs. There is a method to the madness. Blessings.

  12. Most never will. Religion has nothing to do with your salvation. Going to the movie every Friday night at 8:00 PM is a religion. can’t help you at all. But having the Spirit of the Lord, bring every lasting life.

  13. Religion implies faith. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily imply faith. Yet many faiths demand spirituality. I am inclined to agree then that Spirituality should have a separate section in Y!A.

  14. Well, from the answers I’ve seen on here, the very first thing that needs to be done is to define your terms, and have ppl come to agreement about them!!!

    Some people who have responded obviously disagree with your interpretation of the words used.

    And in doing so, have shown how they think of other people and their beliefs – with intolerance. (which fits in quite nicely with the topic, IMHO).

    Also IMHO, and since also I think similarly to your definitions, I would say once humans start to realise that being ‘human’ isn’t enough, we must realise that, in reality, we are something…. else. Those monotheists on here will say that we have a soul, and by following XYZ of ABC book and preacher, then we will go and sit in the Kingdom of…. That’s all well and good – but ‘who’ will go there? Our body and personality – with all the flaws that we carry around now?

    I would say, you’ll get there when you dump the ‘human’ stuff, and start to remember that you’re actually a ‘soul’ (or insert appropriate term, as applicable to your beliefs).

    Thus… ‘religion’ is saying “I’m a such and such”, ‘spirituality’ is actually living it, in the spirit it was intended (and no, that wasn’t merely a pun…).

    Lastly, humans like to complicate things. When people stop being human, then the 2 can be seperate!

    Nuff said.

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