Can somebody give me some good scrying instructions?

For all pagans and wiccans and any non pagans to if you can help can anybody give me a good site on scrying? I only find ones about mirrors but I don’t have access to a mirror right now. Will a purple bowl work? Will any bowl work as long as I put black ink in it for depth? Also does it have to reflect moon light? Sorry I had to ask this again my other question got filled with people preaching to me. For the Christians who are going to say it’s satans work or blah blah get a life. I couldn’t care less what you have to say if that’s what your going to do. I have my Gods. I don’t need anymore thank you.

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  1. You can use a purple, black or clear bowl full of water..I like to add a crystal or piece of silver to the bottom of the bowl for focus. Some people like to sit in the dark and light a candle behind them..Half close your eyes and relax..meditate quietly for a few moments and draw up a protective circle if you wish..Gaze into the bowl not At it. start out slowly and dont get discouraged it takes time and practice..(and if you can reflect the moon in your bowl or add full moon water thats makes it nice..even a few drops of your favorite magick oil to help you relax. Find what works for you..( play around and experiment, get comfortable)Thats how magick works dear one…

  2. if life were only soooo carefree so as not to have to worry about rent, electric, cable, phone, water, trash, car note, and insurance……….and worry just about scrying instructions! OMG! what a way to go!
    Get a life, Get with God.

  3. You can actually scry using a candle flame or a dark bowl filled with water (if you want to add black ink to the water its entirely up to you)

    Try to unfocus your eyes as you try to look “through” the surface of the water or flame…….

    The water does NOT have to reflect moonlight, you can bounce a candle’s light or even sunlight off of it…..

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