Need a little help with the I Ching Time Wave?

A Mandelbrot fractal equation to the I’Ching yeilds a time wave?
Look I’ve read the book, it say’s nothing about a time wave.
Didn’t this guy get high or took something?
I know the resson the long count ends, it has to do with a astrology event. What’s this Wave thing? How does a wave end? It’s not like it said dates. Right?
Then the bible code, wasn’t there a test and they found the same codes in Moby Dick?

1 thought on “Need a little help with the I Ching Time Wave?

  1. Lol, I watched that show, it isn’t a wave, its a bar chart based on the multiple combinations of the “fortune telling” symbols used by the I’Ching. Using a formula and a computer he was able to come up with the same date as the Arztec calander, of Dec 12, 2012, as the date where the pattern ends. The cool thing about it, was that science also found that at that date would be lining up with a black-hole at the center of the galazy. Not that anything spectular will come of it, but shows how interconnect things can be….

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