Numerology is More Common than You May Think

In numerology your life path number is like blueprint of your life. This number may reveal special qualities and skills that you may posses. One of the first things you learn n numerology in your life path number. Perhaps this number may show that you are evolved in a career that you are not properly suited for. This may explain your unhappiness you feet about you job. Numerology can help guide you to make better decision for your life and you life path number is just one such example.

In numerology you also have a personality number. The numbers displays how are appear to the rest of the world. Your personality number will show just that, your characteristics an how you are perceived by others. The may not be same as the real you for the personality number refers to how you are seen that y may differ from the real you.

There is also you birth day number. This number is derived in a similar fashion as the life path number but your birth day number reflects any talents that you may have. This talent may be hidden deep inside you. Perhaps it is something that you never have tried. Some people maybe very musically talented but for whatever reason they never were exposed to any music programs and the talents stays hidden. By examining your birth date number you will see talents that hopefully you are already aware that you posses.

The expression number in numerology reflects how tackle challenges and situations in life. This number may show your areas of weakness and where you are the strongest in handling life’s challenges. Different people act many ways when against a confrontation. Some really handle confrontation well while others prefer to run and hide. Understanding you strengths and weaknesses within a confrontation makes it easier for you to overcome such problems. Knowing this will allow to create a different approach if so needed.

Numerology allows you to see you where you need to improve yourself in order to create a more simple life. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but many have no idea what they are. Numerology is like blueprint of your inner self. Many people walk around in denial about the problems only to make life more challenging.

This is only a sample of numerology numbers and what they may reveal about you. Step is to obtain a free numerology report of you and then find experienced interpretation of that report. What you find just may surprise you but once you know then you can start making changes and begin great improvement of your life.


Troy Powers is a follower of numerology and suggest that you get your free numerology report and discover the world of numerology.

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