Why is astrology making me judge people?

Ok.. so I read up on astrology like a few months back and now that’s all I think about when I meet people. My first impressions of people are now being linked with astrology. For example if someone says that their birthday falls on the aquarius month I start to make assumptions that they’ll only talk about humanitarian things and if they fall on the cancer month then they’ll be really clingy and emotional. I don’t know what to do!

9 thoughts on “Why is astrology making me judge people?

  1. Not all Cancers are Clingy….a lot of Aqauarians could give less than a damn about humanitarian issues. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and get to know people. Use Astrology for fun and for help in relationships once they’re established, not for judging people from the get go.

  2. astrology is bunk. it’s all about making generalizations about people and making money selling those crappy books.

  3. I don’t use astrology to judge people (anymore). I use it to learn how to deal with people and their issues. For instance, I learned that the Leos in my life like to roar and perform for attention, and the best way to combat that is to ignore them, which works. I learned that the Sagittarians in my life are great to hang around with, but I learned that they shrink away when you have serious issues, and I’ve learned to not keep going to them to talk about issues. I’ve learned that the Virgos in my life are critical and the best way to deal with that is to point it out to them when they do it.

    Astrology has helped me so much in dealing with other people, which is why I love learning about it so much.

    Also, based on the stereotypes that you have about other signs, you’ve probably been reading the wrong books. You know the ones, “Scorpios are mean!” and “Geminis are two-faced”. The same old stereotypes.

  4. Maybe you are just naturally inclined to judge– not uncommon. In this case you really don’t have enough info to do so especially if all you know is the sun sign.

  5. Why not try to see if you can see what kind of traits they portray of their sign instead of assigning them! I’m a Cancer and I’m not clingy at all! (not that sensitive either) It’s a lot more fun than just saying “oh you’re a Cancer, if I something wrong I may make you cry.”
    Once you start to play that game you can try to figure out what their rising sign is.
    Just sit back and observe, that is the best way to understand how the zodiac works. If you have read up on the signs pay attention to what they do that matches what you read, you can make a mental note you may find somethings that you haven’t read about a certain sign, but notice that they all have those tendencies. It can be fun to do, also remember we’re more than just our sun sign. We have many other influences in our charts that make us up to be individuals, we also don’t always display every trait that our sign may encompass.

  6. There’s nothing better than getting to know the person. That should be a standard anyway, you shouldn’t judge anyone. Yes, astrology, may gives us prelude to how people may operate, but when other planets come to play, you can never be too sure if you only depend on astrology. Not all people born under a sign are built the same.

  7. Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who had this problem lol, everytime I find out someone’s sign, more times than not they’re a water sign, with me being an Aries (fire sign) I get to know them, but they always prove true to their sign and I end up not being able to stay friends with them! Weird! I guess you really just have to learn how to seperate people from entertainment. Astrology isn’t REALLY life or death you know? People can get along even if they are Scorpios and Leos. Because there’s more to people than their signs.

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