How old Is native american spirituality?

Is it older than Hinduism?
And is there a form of belief or spirituality older than Hinduism?
Like any kind of indians like the aztecs or maybe greek mythology?

4 thoughts on “How old Is native american spirituality?

  1. SHORT REPLY:All these Ancient people you mention were living at the same time before that Various races had brought there religious conviction when landing on earth in UFOS.

  2. MY people have what you could call ‘religious’ artifact that date back 40,000 years.

    and NO it was not ‘worship’ of fire. It was thanks to the GIVER of that fire. The first fire was given to humans in the form of lightning striking a tree.
    Thus ALL references to ‘GOD’ is in the sky. It wasn’t till way later did humans learn to make their own fire.

    I’m pretty sure it was kids playing with rocks and sticks. Pure accident.

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