25 thoughts on “Pendulum Dowsing 1 Getting Started

  1. Dowsing has NEVER been proven effective. Way to answer your own questions. Surely this guy must know that he is manipulating the pendulum to his whims

  2. I have the same problem. I can’t accept a yes or a no answer since the sign for yes or no seems to change from moment to moment.

  3. hi i like your vids a great deal i have watched them b4 and find them very calming i like the way you put things acrossthank you 🙂

  4. Great question. A neuromuscular “twitch” to truth, via a question from the heart. The cosmos?, God? …. Have you studied Supersensonics by Christopher Hills?It ‘s the dowsing bible. Thanks for the e-mail, love it. Respect, Chris….. Enjoy

  5. it pulled to the “incoming message” and “no” is what I meant in previous post

  6. I physcially saw my string bend to the word “no” i asked my printout I made “Is my grandmother still with me and watchin over me’ Its answer was 2 things. ‘incoming message” and ‘no” which is cool cause she knows im ok now without her. :}

  7. i dont like ouija boards.. pendulums i would think are a bit different. I see it like witchin for water. You dont summon up some of the more desturbed darker sort of spirits that way

  8. actually in a sense it IS. Many people use pendulums instead of planchettes (sp?) over ouija/spirit boards. They even sell ouija printed table/altar clohes specifically for people who would rather use pendulums. Just think about the board as just another pendulum chart. That’s really all it is. (The difference perhaps being one communicates with spirits. Or maybe they both do. I dunno!)

    Anywho, great video. I subscribed.

  9. could you help me with something. no matter what i do my pendulum does not keep a steady movement when i did the plus thing after i tried it more than once to make sure i wasnt just moving myself it started to give me different results. my length is fine it is long enough for some reason it just wont work. when i ask it for a sign of yes it has the same sign as no could you help me.

  10. No, thank you. Your kind words help me. Can’t tell you the love I have felt and inspration from this site, wow Thak you, Thank you, Thank you, from my heart. Good luck, Know you will have great luck. Enjoy Christopher Aum Aum Aum

  11. Thank you so much! I had put away the pendulum out of frustration. You pointed out in the first 5 minutes what I was doing wrong: Too much string length, forcing elbow down on table to the point of being uncomfortable, not giving the pendulum the initial movement! Thank you again for taking the time. Elaine

  12. Interesting. Reminds me of a Ouija board, though. But how can you be sure that when using a pendulum you aren’t making tiny, imperceptible movements of your hands in the direction you want the pendulum to turn?

  13. Incidentally, Im the great grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya.I have some friends in SRF, if you know what Im talking about.

  14. The portrait you have is of Paramahamsa Yogananda, right? I have a dowsing pendulum too-jade one. Its good.

  15. If you subconsciously want an answer response so much, such as if your asking if someone loves you, then the question may be tainted. It is a good idea to call upon the deities in your religion (the four archangels, horus, friga, etc.) or the will of the universe to help you and ask you to have it answer your questions with truth.

    You may even have a small ritual to ‘bless’ your pendulum so it answers truthfully all the times.

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