7 thoughts on “What herbal medicine approved by Doctors used as aprodiasac?

  1. the two herbs that seem to produce the best results are Kava Kava root and Damiana leaves.

    Kava Kava is obtained from the shrub Piper methysticum, which is native to the Polynesian Islands, It has been used by the Islanders as a religious and visionary herb and aphrodisiac for most of their history. Since none of the active ingredients of Kava Kava are water soluble, the natives would pre-chew the roots and then blend this saliva/root mixture with coconut milk. The resulting liquid was then fermented to produce a potent beverage that was used for important rituals. The effect of the drink is to relax spinal activity, producing an euphoric state of relaxation but without impairing mental activity. Some subjects also experience a tingling feeling in the genitalia, producing all the ingredients for an interesting sexual experience.

    Damiana is obtained from the shrub Turnera diffusa, which is native to the U.S. Southwest and northern Mexico. The inhabitants of this region have used Damiana for many years as a remedy for nervous disorders, and as a tonic and aphrodisiac. Damiana seems to have a positive toning effect on both the nervous system and sexual organs, especially when combined in equal parts with Saw Palmetto berries. Some users of the combination tea (Damiana and Saw Palmetto) report that, taken an hour or so before sexual activity, it helps produce a more satisfactory experience. The best results seem to be obtained when Damiana is taken in moderation over a period of time. Using the tea mentioned above (one cup per day for two weeks) seems to have stimulating effects on sexual performance.

  2. There is no herbal ‘medicine’ approved by doctors as an aphrodisiac. Kava or Damiana will almost certainly do zero for this. Whatever you get offered, always ask for the peer reviewed evidence to support the claim. Research the side effects and risks too.

    EDIT: @Flashflood, nice argument from ad hominem there. Post your evidence to support your anecdote or stop making stuff up.

    @noabuse, appeal to authority is a fail. Post evidence.

    EDIT: well that violation/answer deletion was a minor inconvenience. Thanks to whoever did that.

    Still waiting on that evidence…

  3. Dave and Gary Y are absolutely correct. That’s one reason they have the “Top Contributor” tag…

  4. per Wmayers9″ Dave and Gary Y are absolutely correct. That’s one reason they have the “Top Contributor” tag…”

    Dave and Gary Y don’t have a clue, only narrowly formed opinions with a lot of anti-alt med cronies behind them. It IS true that it would be a rare MD that would approve of a herbal medicine that hasn’t been altered by a Pharmaceutical company into a synthetic version of the real thing with added chemicals. However there ARE some herbal mild aphrodisiacs. Horny Goat Weed, Damiana (as already mentioned), Saw Palmetto.
    I was not aware of Kava Kava as an aphrodisiac – so that’s interesting. (Note: the “dangers” were in tribal natives using excessive amounts on top of PRE-EXISTING liver disease). Compare to say…using Acetaminophen (it’s called something else in Europe) when you have chronic Hepatitis.

    Regardless of all that…the best aphrodisiacs aren’t found in a bottle – but between your own ears with the right attitude, intimate conversation, and a real relationship.

  5. There are top in their field doctors , like tv doctor oz who is a top cardiac surgeon , at doctoroz.com , who endorses over 1500 natural substances proven by ‘science’ to be effective…….

    and a top neuropsychiatrist amenclinics.com that gives alternatives for brain health

    and the leading medical universities and schools in the usa columbia, university of colorado, university of michigan, and on and on…..
    they endorse traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture and other alternatives……….
    look it up for yourself, you cannot trust people against ‘alties’ here.

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