How many people read their astrology and believe it?

I certainly do. I am a cancer myself, and it says (in a whole lo of places ) that my best match is a pisces. Well I went out with a pisces for 4 years and did I ever love him, it was crazy. But it all turned so nasty that I sometimes wonder can astrology be all gibberish? I’m with a virgo now…I love him dearly, except that now it has to work his way or the hiway(ven if he says it’s not true.

5 thoughts on “How many people read their astrology and believe it?

  1. Sometimes i read mine but just for fun, i don’t really believe in it. I am a scorpio. I am married to an aquarius which is not who i am suppose to be perfectly matched for according to horoscopes but he is definetly my soulmate!

  2. TJ Says:
    I also read mine but, its just for fun. I don’t take it seriously. You shouldn’t have to live life by what an astrologist tells you.

  3. I am Arian.I do read astrology but not really believe in it.But sometimes astrology can give us points to ponder.

  4. I’m an Aquarius and I do read my horoscope.Some of what they say has been spookily accurate but I don’t take them as gospel,more as a guide : )

  5. I just read it for fun, just to see if it’s right, sometimes it is other times it’s so far off it’s not even funny. But hey I’m a Pisces
    so i’ll just swim up the river and things will be fine!

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