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  1. 1. There are no such things as spirits.

    2. The other six are pretty much moot after No. 1.

  2. false
    believe in yourself and others and that’s all you need

  3. It follows a Fibonacci series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.

    The first day you spend 1 hour on the first step of the staircase. (Any quiet staircase can be used.)

    The next day you repeat.

    Two days later you spend 2 hours on the 2nd step.

    Three days later you spend 3 hours on the 3rd step.

    Five days later you spend 5 hours on the 5th step.


  4. 1) The stage of wisdom – Perform actions as a sacrifice to the Almighty God. Perform your duties disinterestedly without expecting results. Withdraw your senses and be detached from the illusions on nature. Controlling the senses helps in slaying the desire, attraction, anger, hate, jealousy and helps attaining wisdom.
    2) The stage of questioning – The association with the wise and Scriptures and the following of the right path preceding the practice of indifference.
    3) Thinned mind – That stage wherein the hankering after sensual objects is thinned through the first and second stages
    4) The attainment of Sattva – That stage wherein having become indifferent to all sensual objects through the exercise of first three stages, the purified Intellect and Mind rests on the Spirit. When the mind is firmly fixed on the non-dual One and the conception of duality is put down, then he sees this universe as a dream through his union with the fourth stage.
    5) Non attachment – The light (or manifestation) of Sattva-Guna (Pure knowledge) that is firmly rooted (in one) without any desire for the fruits of actions through the practice in the above four stages. Attainment of the Dreamless sleeping state, where he remains simply in the non-dual state, being freed from all the various differences.
    6) Analysis of objects – People come to you for clarifications. You don’t have any questions after acquiring transcendental knowledge. That stage wherein through the practice in the (above) five stages one, having found delight in Spirit, has no conception of the internals or externals (though before him) and engages in actions only when impelled to do so by others. Having always introvision though ever participating in external actions, those that are engaged in the practice of this (sixth stage) are seen like one sleeping when fatigued (viz., being freed from all affinities).
    7) Self Realization or Turiya State – The stage wherein after exceedingly long practice in the (above) six stages one is (immovably) fixed in the contemplation of Self alone without the difference (of the universe). Then one remains in that secondless state without fear and with his consciousness almost annihilated where there is neither Sat nor Asat, neither self nor not-self.

    Like an empty pot in the Sky, there is void both within and without; like a filled vessel in the midst of an ocean, he is full both within and without. Do not become either the knower or the known. May you become the Reality which remains after all thoughts are given up. Having discarded (all the distinctions of) the seer, the sight and the seen with their affinities, meditate solely upon Self which shines as the supreme Light.

    In this conscious effortless state of transcendental meditation (Nirvikalpa Samadhi). A perception of the feeling of Silence , permanent non-dual state, Absolute Existence and limitless Awareness penetrates the seeker taking him to the Continuous Blissful state of Being one with Universe.

  5. 1) ignorance
    3) gullibility
    4) indoctrination
    5) brainwashing
    6) belief
    7) guilt

    Stage 0 = lack of education and critical thinking skills

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