25 thoughts on “Doomsday 2012: The End of Days (4 of 7) I Ching

  1. @GODWORK10 Your name is “GODWORK10”. If God is real then you read the Bible it says the he will end the world by FIRE. So all that tsunami stuff is wrong. If it doesn’t end on 2012… It might end on 2016… Or anytime between. I would rather die sleeping so God might just make me die in my sleep.

  2. why not look at the Yi Ching as a book of divination? Lets say
    #1 stands for Summer.
    #12 for Autumn,
    #2 for Winter and
    #11 for Spring.
    And last i heard if im not Mistaken, lets look at the world as if it were a globe. I call that Yi Globe and according to the seasons and their changes i can fit in every hexagram nicely on the spot where it belongs giving me an accurate view of what Yi Ching really stands for. Give it a try sometimes, it may take you to places never thought possible

  3. The Pope is the little horn in daniel 7. He is the anti christ the BEAST in rev 13 THE LORD JESUS Christ warned his people about.

    What did daniel say the little horn would do
    1 he would come out of the divided roman emprie
    he would speak pompus words about himself ,arrogant words
    he would destroy 3 of the first 10 kingsom which came out of the roman empire
    he would kill the saints and he would change Gods times and laws

    ONLY THE POPE matches this prophecy he is the beast in rev 13

  4. Where are the view`s of the sceptics? All that we are seeing is the views of believers in religous and historic prophecy. BULL SHIT!

  5. oh man, thats really hard to watch. so much nonsense and half-truth in one video. In times of internet and wikipedia ppl should be able to see what a load of crap this all is, and especially when it comes from some low-life pseudoscientific authors. These guys are trying to make a fool out of you guys and sell you their garbage. not enough talent to become real writer, so lets do some doomsdays garbage. the world will soon be laughing at you all.

  6. Im scared. But i can see why god would destroy earth. Look at what people have done to it..

  7. at first the 2012 theory was seeming not pertinent at all, now it looks like every religion has its own interpretation of it and in all religions the 21/12/12 has something suspicious : Maya(calandar) Buddhist(I Ching) Islam(abnormal concidence in numbers)

  8. why worry about 2012 when you could die tomorrow? What will happen to you than? Put your faith in Jesus christ and be SURE of a resurrection and an eternal life in heaven!

  9. I ching does not make predictions as this, and Terrance was a junkie so I would’nt give this any worry.

  10. I Ching is for luck and fortune not a doomsday prophercy or any form of Prophercy. Several Taoist master have comments on this

  11. The I’ching is not reliable. It is a game. How can anybody believe the timewave theory is accurate. Mckenna chose the start date. Along with the fact that his chart initially ended in November of 2012. Mckenna later changed it as he saw fit and added a month to it as he saw fit (so it would correlate with Mayan calendar’s end date)

    It would be nice if the History channel would tell us everything.

  12. This is not true there has been many predictions of the end of the world noting has happened in any if this were real why wouldnt it happen by now

  13. world ended long time ago – as soon as humans acuired ability to think in abstract terms.

  14. Be faithfull people, be righteous, be prayerful. Dont put your faith to nobody, to nothing but only to GOD.

    Let the wicked trembled, but let the righteous sings praises.

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