On what basis is palmistry relied upon?

I understand that the lines on your palm is affected by how you move the rest of your hand. But, what I don’t know is is there a study upon which makes the practice of palm reading fact-based? To learn about how to interpret my hand, I just go on the internet, and am told how the color of my skin at some part denotes the healthiness of my love life, or what a chained line means. But how did the person who started the practice, (some 5000 years ago, as Wikipedia tells) decide which line means what?
Sure, give me figures of surveys in favor of the accuracy of the science and maybe I’ll take the lines on my palm more seriously.
It is a science in that its a “systematized knowledge in general,” meaning # 4 at Dictionary.com. But, in the more specific definition, as it stands right now, I shouldn’t give palmistry the word.

4 thoughts on “On what basis is palmistry relied upon?

  1. Its not a science at all; its just a hype. I have no idea who decided what, but many people take it as seriously as they do the tarot and astrology, which are also hypes. Forget it.

  2. PALMISTRY is based on GULLIBILITY of others. I played a trick on someone once. I hinted that I could read palms and the person begged me to read hers. I told her not always was there GOOD things to be read. I finally relented, looked at her hand and gasped, then coughed and said excuse me and went into the kitchen to get some water. When I came back she held her hand out to me and I told her this wasn’t a good time. She insisted I ‘read’ her palm. I shrank away from her and said I just couldn’t do it and acted VERY frightened. she got scared, got to shaking and started tearing up. I refused to ‘read’ her palm. I never told her (this was over 30 years ago) that I was pulling her leg.

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