Scrying…The Ancient Art

The ancient art of scrying is discussed in brief…Who knows, maybe you have this ability and don’t yet know it…Give it a try before you knock it…thanks for watching.

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  1. @BunnyXBrootality Sounds like that could be an interesting video…you should consider making a video about it.

  2. I definitely believe in scrying. The only time I’ve ever done it, I was stupid and accidently did some sort of black magick scry and opened a gate that really wasn’t supposed to be opened. It’s hard for me to even look in a mirror now.

  3. Well…I enjoyed your video…I get the term “elements” and I don’t believe it to be silly. The four elements were in fact used in magic and later in scientific exploits. After all, the elements on the Periodic Table can be put in those four categories as you just described (earth, air, fire, water) . Scrying is more of a spiritual thing and to this day is used in divination. The gentleman, seriouslymatsteele, can have his opinion. But I agree with you. He should have educated himself first.

  4. @stonedcommander Well from what little I know on this subject, man-made waves pale in comparison to waves and radiation coming from the sun and space, ancient man would have had a great deal of “interference” as it was already. Well, ancient man did what we did: imagine what the future would be like. We do this today, we have futurists, science fiction, etc. I doubt meditation would reveal any great truth about the future, but it would be a nice film idea. I like your creativity. =)

  5. @seanthedonconsidine no, think of how much information we have in comparison to the past…constant stimulation…almost impossible to truly clear your mind now…not to mention all the signals flying through our heads constantly, radio waves etc…ancient prophets were able to access parts of their brains that we cant…we see things in our dreams that exist in our present…ancient man saw these same things in their dreams but were unsure what they were.

  6. @stonedcommander Well I’d assume that meditation would be the same now or 2000 years ago, the human mind hasn’t changed that much over such a small period of time. I think what you mean is: “back then, people were more open minded to…supernatural claims”. Well, that is certainly true, but where did it get them? Folklore, a few holy books, hundreds of wars, famines, diseases….and nothing more. Look what reason and science has brought us: modern civilization, cures, architecture.

  7. @seanthedonconsidine Dont forget that some people have more brainpower than others…plus, back then it may have been easier to clear your mind then open it…today we are overwhelmed with information…very hard to clear our minds…try to meditate and you will see.

  8. My guess is that Scrying is just our brains being imaginative, and inventing the things we “see” in the water, or fire. Still, sounds interesting, just may try it for fun, to see what my brain manifests.

  9. Thank’s, I got to try that out. I don’t knock that stuff at all. I used to read tarot cards myself, untill I got all spooked.

  10. There are natural waves. Bats use Sonar which is completely natural.

    I personally don’t believe in scrying.

    Sure some people may claim to have minor predictions but why does nobody ever make some major technological/medical breakthrough?

    They never see anything useful. They only see useless tidbits. If scrying only produces useless results then scrying is currently useless

    Same with all people who claim to see the future but never produce something of true value

  11. @seriouslymatsteele Earth, fire, air, and water sustain life. Earth gives food, fire warmth, you breath air, and you drink water. That would be my best guess.

  12. Scrying is an ancient art of divination.

    -> en(.)wikipedia(.)org(/)wiki(/)Scrying

    Its an occultic practice that opens the user up to communication and influences of the demoniac…the fallen angels.
    Thru their various abilities and technologies such as mind embeddments, mind and body embeddments: virtual landscapes, holodecks, audio,visual, and other sensory perceptions, memories and deceptions; and to actual materilizations.
    You can be a portal. :/
    Check out Paradox Brown.

  13. @stonedcommander.
    Yes I realise that. And I dare say so did he.
    The thing is, regardless of how ancient the thing we are discussing, if we are talking about reality, and phenomena in reality, we can no longer discuss them in terms we now know not to be true, or real. We therefore have to keep to things we know are real.
    We now have a pretty good understanding how the universe works, in terms of the standard model. This includes the particles and forces that everything, including us comprises of.

  14. @TransitionalApe.
    Yes, I realised that, I said so, if you re read the post.

    I also understood you knew about the EM spectrum, but I thought it may illuminate things for some others, but didn’t want to have to go into yet another post. Damn 500 chars limit.
    All the best.

  15. @martiangrundy
    I should have indicated with an @ that my comment was in response to another poster. It was directed @kainniak1. Youtube comment section never shows the proper nesting of comments. Thank you for expounding upon that though.

    To your comment below, I understand that radio, microwaves, infra red, light, ultra violet, X rays, and gamma rays are all Electro Magnetic Radiation, but we should point out that sound is not. Sound requires a medium to travel. Air, water, rock, not vacuum.

  16. google classical elements and then get back to me…it would have taken seriouslymatsteele 1 minute to do but instead he chose to call my comments silly when in fact they were 100% on the money…when discussing an ancient art, we must use ancient terminology.

  17. @stonedcommander.
    I don’t want to insult or upset you, as it happens you’re one of the few Xtians that I have respect for. I believe you to be honest, and I’ve seen you admit you were wrong and apologise. That goes a LONG way with me.
    I think you took seriouslymatsteele’s comments to heart, and too seriously, (not that he was joking). I really don’t think he meant to insult you. It;s just that sometimes one has to use certain words, or a thing cannot be said, there is just no way around this.

  18. —Cont.
    Jets are just normal E M Radiation, mostly high energy radiation, Xray and gamma rays.
    They are emitted as you say from the poles, due to the massive heating up of the matter as it is in the accretion disk, before it enters the Black hole.

    BTW, it is all the same. Radio, microwaves,infra red, light, ultra violet, X rays, and gamma rays. It is all Electro Magnetic Radiation, just at differing frequencies.

    We only think of light as being different because it’s the only part we can see.

  19. @TransitionalApe.
    Yes you are correct, kainniak1 was referring to the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.
    But Hawking Radiation is where two virtual particles pop out of the vacuum field (this is happening constantly throughout space) on the event horizon of a Black hole, one (the anti particle) is drawn into the Black Hole, and therefore cannot join back with it’s particle pair to mutually annihilate, and so the other looks as if it has been emitted by the Black Hole.

  20. If memory serves, hawking radiation is that which is emitted by black holes. The jets from the two poles. I think what you are meaning to refer to is the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB or CMBR)? There are a great number of stellar objects that emit radio as well. Good points though.

  21. Well isn’t it silly? That wasn’t really meant as an insult.

    What word could I have used that would have been less offensive? Absurd? Ridiculous? Preposterous?

    I think my choice in words was quite inoffensive when you look at my alternatives.

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