What does a Conjunction between a planet and a star mean in Astrology?

I was wondering if a conjunction between a planet and a star can also have some special meaning in astrology and Horoscopes.
for example, in the past,would it stop a king from attacking a kingdom?or things like that?

thanks in advance!:)

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  1. A conjunction means a star and planet are passing very close to each other in the sky. However, it means nothing for astrology, because astrology is pure superstition. It has no basis in reality. If you want to ask astrology questions, the astrology section is under Entertainment, not Science.

  2. Although astrology has no real meaning, it has been used (like religion) to influence the actions of others.

    In the old days, it often happened that the astrologer was also the astronomer of the kingdom. Which made him one of the most educated person in the realm AND (like the priests, once Christianity was established) the person most likely to be in contact with educated people elsewhere in the world.

    Sometimes these educated people would understand that launching an attack would be a bad idea and they would try to convince the king to change his mind.

    Always a dangerous thing to try, especially if the king is also counseled by greedy advisers who stand to gain from going to war (e.g., ancestors to Halliburton).

    So they would tell the king that they saw signs. Like a Cross appeared in the sky, a statue crying, or a planet passing close to a star and eclipsing it… whatever worked.

    However, most examples we hear about, in astrology, were made after-the-fact. If the king went to war and lost, then astrologers would rummage through their notes and calculations to find a sign, any sign, that could allow them to say: “See! If you had listened to me, you would not be in that mess today.”

    Of course, such advice never came before; always after. It is exactly like the Nostradamus predictions being applied to modern history — they only work after the fact.

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