does anyone know of any wiccan first and last names that have a beautiful meaning?

As i am considering the Wiccan faith, i would like to adopt a Wicca name. I’ve been searching quite a bit but can’t seem to find anything, so even good websites would be useful.

Blessed Be.

3 thoughts on “does anyone know of any wiccan first and last names that have a beautiful meaning?

  1. 1. Cameron-Crooked nose;This was the nickname of a high chieftain who had a crooked nose.
    2. Ronan-An old Irish name meaning “Little Seal.”
    3. Nolan-Noble.
    4. Regan-Regal.
    5. Trevor-Wise.
    6. Donovan-Strong fighter.
    7. Brennan-Raven.
    8. Leigh-Healer.
    9. Calum-Dove.
    10. Wynne-Fair.

    And now for the young ladies!

    1. Brianna-Strong;she ascends.
    2. Rhiannon-The mythical daughter of Heyfedd.
    3. Aoife-Great warrior woman of myth.
    4. Maeve-A mythical queen.
    5. Nara-Contented.
    6. Ailis-Noble.
    7. Bridget-Strong;Bridget was also the mythic Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry.
    8. Moira-Exceptional.
    9. Morgana-Dweller of the sea.
    10. Aingeal-Angel.

  2. There aren’t Wiccan names in the same sense that there are Celtic, English, Indian, African, French (etc…) names. Also, you don’t need to adopt a special new name to be Wiccan. However, if you feel it important that you have this alternate persona for ritual and such, by all means do take one on. If you don’t want to sound like a pretentious twit, omit titles from your name and avoid something that sounds like a bunch of fantasy names smashed together. Choose real names that have the feel and meaning you are looking for.

    My favourite site for names (I write recreationally) is They have a database of over 15,000 names from cultures all over the world. If there are certain elements, symbols or concepts that you feel close to (for example, the moon, a certain flower or colour…) this site lets you search meanings (under Advanced Search) and gives you a list of names that are appropriate. Similarly you can search by gender or culture. Each name profile will give you the origin, culture and meaning of the name, as well as the gender of the name.

    Choosing another name is serious business – you can’t just change it when you get sick of it. Well, you shouldn’t. Get a list of all your favourite terms, post it up and see what resonates best with you over a few weeks. Maybe divine inspiration will hit and you’ll just know!

    Best of luck 🙂

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