Is it possible to be Wiccan while going to a catholic school?

I’m going to a catholic school next year. I feel that they will be trying to shove Catholicism down my throat.I would imagine it to be difficult to be Wiccan being told wiccans are bad and Jesus Is who you must follow. Do you also think they would try to convert me if they found out? No negative comments please. Thanks

12 thoughts on “Is it possible to be Wiccan while going to a catholic school?

  1. Yes. Just ignore those people.

    I’m an Atheist in a Catholic school and that’s what I do.

  2. Watch “Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost”.

    I found this a very informative movie about Wiccans.

  3. It would probably be a bad outcome. Imagine putting a badger and a snake together, it will be about the same. I suggest trying to stay out if you believe that they will try to convert you or be hostile.

  4. It’s possible to be anything while going to a catholic school including an future president of the united states or an ax-murderer….

    your school does not define you… and true freedom is found in the courage to express one’s beliefs regardless of the social consequences one faces when being honest about how they feel.

  5. It is possible.

    Believe it or not, it is also possible to be a Christian while going to a Catholic school.

    There are e ven some Catholics going to Catholic school.

    Go in peace.

    And, always remember: Jesus loves you!!

    Uncle Floyd


  6. I can only speak for Catholic schools in my area; however, when my children attended, nobody cared what you believed. My son wrote an essay for religion class that was a declaration of his atheism and he got an ‘A’. My daughter had a classmate that professed to be Wiccan. Again, nobody really cared.

  7. If you don’t want to be hassled, keep your beliefs under wraps and just play along or they’ll send you to detention with a priest…….

  8. Just becuase you’re going to a Catholic school that doesn’t mean that they’ll be trying to persuade you to become Catholic – that is not how Catholic based school’s work. Of course in your Religious Study lesson’s they’ll mainly focus on the Catholic Teachings of the Christian Church and, in most Catholic Schools, there will be an assembly at least once a term in which you can take Mass but other than that you’re entitled to believe what you believe. So yeah, you can still be a wiccan if you want to.


  9. Their main objective is reading, writing, history and mathematics. If your mother/father puts it in writing NOT to teach religion they can’t, but it sounds like your family wants you to convert if they are Catholic. I would, however, use this to learn about other religions, not to convert but to understand what they believe in.
    My mother taught in a Catholic school as well as went to one in LA. Regular school, but tougher being a private school.
    Cadillac… You know nothing about Catholics if you say the are not Christian. YOU are a close minded idiot!

  10. My husband was a Lutheran who went to Catholic school and loved it. They never attempted to convert him, although obviously the school had a very Catholic focus. Catholic schools often require all students to attend a religious service during the day. You’re just going to have to put up with it.

    The only way they might tell you Wicca is bad is if you tell them to begin with. So if you’re worried, *don’t tell them*. It’s really that easy. If you make your religion public, be prepared for public criticism. I have heard of Wiccan students attending Catholic school without incident, but I can’t promise.

  11. I don’t think it is fair to say a Catholic school is trying to “Shove Catholicism down your throat” if you are going to a Catholic school.

    That would be like saying they are trying to “shove rock & roll down your throat” if you are a attending a rock concert.

    I think that someone who really “got” the teachings of Wicca would be more open-minded to other people’s beliefs and paths. All paths are valid.

    They’re not stalking you; you’re going to them. When in Rome, be respectful to the Romans.

  12. This is like asking if you are going to be forced to eat pasta when you study in Italy for a year. If you don’t like pasta – go somewhere else. No one is forcing you.

    From my experiences with Catholic Schools, preference in enrollment is given to Catholics. This makes sense as it is their school. They have the right to accept people on their own guidelines.

    A non-Catholic will be expected to take part in religious ceremonies such as the Mass and learn Catholic theology and values. Unless you lie like crazy, you will not receive the Sacraments as they are for people who respect and believe the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. No witches brews or worshipping mother earth will be tolerated. You can have your other beliefs, but they will not be discussed in classes. The point of you attending is not to broaden the horizons of Catholic kids. They are happy with their faith and did not choose a Catholic school to learn about Buddha or wicca or other religions.

    Most of the kids from other religions who did well seemed to be from other Christian faiths. They actually learned a lot and many of them did convert on their own.

    Good luck

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