7 thoughts on “What flowering plants and herbs do hummingbirds favor?

  1. I have been waiting for someone to ask this question!!! Everything I plant is for hummingbirds or butterflies. At my house in zone 5 hummingbirds seem to like hibiscus, clematis, wisteria, trumpet vine and anemones.

  2. Hi:
    Hummingbirds are attracted to most fragrant red and pink flowers. They are attracted to the color red due to the color of the nectar in hummingbird food. Here are some examples.

    Butterfly bushes
    Bee Balm

    They like most fragrant herbs, but the red or pink color is their favorite. I will link you to the spices and herb section of my website. There are some are some articles that you may get some ideas for planting for hummingbirds. I will also link you to the gallery of plants section and the variety of plants section. These two sections have many photos and descriptions that might give you some more ideas for you. Good luck to you and have a great day. I have two hummingbird feeders by my screened porch and have two carpet roses close by.




  3. Things with red flowers mostly but not only those. I have seen Hummers on my Bee Balm, Hosta flowers, Butterfly Bushes, Salvia. I would stick to tall and red, probably a sure bet. Like red Monarda, aka bee balm. I don’t know about herbs though. Hope to help…..

  4. You will attract many hummingbirds if you create a small garden environment by your feeder.

    Use plants of varying sizes, texture, and bright color. For example, hummingbirds are attracted to Pentas, a small colorful annual (Zone 7 Maryland). In the mid-height range, use salvias, mint or sage. For your tallest plants, select Lavendar, Butterfly Weed and Bee Balm.

    I have a garden with many Lantana plantings, and it sometimes seems like a hummingbird “airport.”

    Another thought, the colors of red hibiscus and zinnia plants really attract them to the garden.

    Use organics for pest control, and mist the garden for the Hummingbird’s.

    Great idea to combine flowering plants and Herbs!

  5. Petunias , Butterfly bush , honey suckle , Lantana ,
    Leave a small dish of water out with bannana and apple slices Just a dinner plate will work and let it “rot” for a week before you freshen it up so to speak. The carbon dioxide thats emmitted draws ’em in and the water gives them a drink .
    Works like a champ !
    They love my butterfly bush though an Im talkin humming birds !

  6. They like vining plants like morning glory and honeysuckle. I think they like bee balm as well.

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