Any effective way to calm myself down with my anger management problem?

I’ve noticed recently, i have a serious anger problem. I get irritated, annoyed, frustrated, and cant seem to control my anger, esp, towards my boyfriend. I tried a few methods, such as breathing in and out, concentrating on something else, trying to look at the problem/situation in a positive way, but it doesnt work. I dont want any yoga advices, or therapy/go see the shrinker advices. Are there any methods for MYSELF to lessen this problem??

6 thoughts on “Any effective way to calm myself down with my anger management problem?

  1. Go into a public bathroom, Take ten deep slow breaths. Inhale from you mouth breath our from your nose (or vice versa whatever floats your boat) A surefire quick way to calm yourself when you out in the public.

    Remember Anger doesn’t solve anything- It only fuels EVEN more anger.

  2. Yes, download the workbook on Anger Management from the Dept of Health website, and use it (if you can by yourself).

  3. I am a very aggressive and short tempered person. Find your trigger. Exp, I relized I was angrey because I was under a lot of stress, full time student with a 43h/week job.
    Smile. It tricks your brain into thinking your happy and releases happy hormones.
    I also do this thing with my fingers, I touch my thumb to my index finger, hten the middle, then the ring finger and the pinky. I do this to both hands at the same time. I pause on each finger for a moment then move on.
    remember, it takes about 32 days to form a habit, so try these things even when you are not angry. K?

  4. I did notice one thing you didn’t mention. You can remove yourself from the situation for a while. Go for a walk, jog, bike ride…do something physical away from the person who is the focus of your anger. When you feel youself getting angry, stop what you’re doing and just go, if you are able. Physical activity, constructive physical activity, is a great way to cool down enough to be able to talk about what is bothering you.

  5. Anger is not a good thing as it will affect your health badly later in life. Anger causes some cancer as the hurts and pains eat you up on the inside. Learn to forgive someone today for what they will do wrong tomorrow, so that when they do it you have already forgiven them. May I ask what your focus on life is about? You must have a sense of purpose. If you
    think of it then make that your priority and boyfriend issues secondary. Give your heart to God Almighty. Learn to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and fall in love with Him as He is always our best friend who can never be angry at us or make us angry; and who can teach us how to love.

  6. This only works if ur at home fine some stuff u dont want or ar going to get rid of and destroy it it helps trust me on this.

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