6 thoughts on “what is the best herbal medicine for headache after consuming alcohol drink.?

  1. I do white willow bark for headaches, but the best thing for a hangover is hydration.

  2. ok well this isn’t exactly what I would call Herbal, but it’s not chemical either…get a can of sprite, put a teaspoon of salt in it and chug as much as you can right away, I promise you’ll feel better.

  3. NUX VOMICA its a Homeopathic remedy works like a charm where a hangover or a headache after drinking is the questions and totally without any side effects or complications, you can get it at most Health and Herb Stores in USA and EU. And nothing works better try it and let me know how fast and how well it works. And yes get it in 30 or 200 potency .

    Take care and God Bless you

  4. Nux Vomica as suggested by the Homeopath Soul Doctor. Tried tested and approved time and time again by myself and my drinking friends.

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