25 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra Interview On Ellen Show 10/27/2009

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  2. @aceNdiamond — There are 300M Americans; how many of us think we are the only smart people on the planet (that’s question number one), does that include babies, the mentally ill, small children — all of us? Where are you from and what do you think about your people flocking here faster than they are flocking to any other country (that’s question number two).

    I love generalizations, it makes things easier, right?

  3. depaks recipe: take alot of stuff that kind of makes sense , mix it with a little bit of original bullshit and you have your own brand on the market!

  4. @fornow100000 Oh, okay. I was just curious. I personally like her, but cool. To each their own.

  5. @dancesonpoles First of all she is not funny at all. has a very boring show… and very annoying presentation

  6. I really really wish Ellen would put Russell Brand on her show. Two of my favorite people.

  7. when you experience different emotions, different chemicals become activated like endorphines. the structure of your BRAIN doesn’t change. Respect for chopra but stick to your own field please.

  8. @aceNdiamond We are meant to all love each other not hate, competition for money is what makes us hate each other. Money, the root of all evil… but what alternative is there.

  9. the stuff deepak is talking about now will become common knowledge in the future. way ahead of his time.

  10. @aceNdiamond stop bashing on americans. its really annoying..you can’t genaralize a population of 300 million just like that you ass.

  11. @FedererBlog

    No, it just proves that you’re not willing to accept evidence.

    btw wasn’t he supposed to have found a way to stay young via quantum healing? He’s looking much older than he used to.

  12. chopra is the kind of guy that you either hate or love. and i can assure you he doesnt care either way.

  13. @zz773 you shall see what you want to see. just proves that perception creates reality 😉

  14. @FedererBlog

    “… thats exactly what i did.”

    No it isn’t. That guy has almost no academic record.

    In scientific terms he’s become a nobody. Now, please find me a legitimate quantum physicist.

  15. @zz773 the point is you are WRONG because you said i should ask any quantum physicist and thats exactly what i did. now go hate on someone else.


  16. @FedererBlog

    LOL! That guy hasn’t published anything relevant in peer-reviewed journals, just some books aimed at credulous New Agers like yourself. Try again.

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