Instant Karma – John lennon

this up there with imagine is most likely johns best songs personaly i don’t think her ever wrote anything that wasn’t genius and a message to us all. happy 70th birthday john ! october 9th 2010 we need you now more than ever !

25 thoughts on “Instant Karma – John lennon

  1. I think Yoko is peeking from underneath the blindfold and really can see what she is doing. Great song, I love the drum track. Who is the drummer? I used to be a Yoko hater but have mellowed quite a bit and don’t think that way anymore.

  2. @ashoftomorrow
    wow, did you really categorize all the bands i listed under on genre? lmao, chillwave, metal, ambient, baroque pop, and rap are all the same genre?

  3. Yoko said on her IM-page: “That thing I did in Instant Karma (blindfold with kotex while I was knitting behind John who was at the piano singing) – was my performance art piece to let people know the position of women in the world.”

  4. @ganjasmokintildeath you need to read the old testament. the ideal that you can kill a prostitute with rocks. the bible is a terrible book. live by your own decent morals, just because the bible has good ideas in it doesn’t mean it has any relavence

  5. @loumag7 The tall guy standing next to Yoko playing the tambourine
    is an old employee of the Beatles.He was shot to death by LA cops in his motel
    room.He had an pellet air gun and the cops thought it was a real gun.

  6. @franarchism that is sooo true but yoko would b nothin without john as well
    and i believe its not that evrybody hates her i think everybody thinks she is just very very weird thats what i think =/

  7. @usernameemanresu

    I think it was in the same studio at the same time but an alternate version – this is lip synching to the studio recording. The other one is basically ‘live’ (John is wearing denim jacket & headsets). UK had a policy at the time banning lip synching on TV, (to help the employment of musicians). What would happen then they would often record two versions, one for export which was lip synched (and usually better quality sound) and a live version for UK broadcast.

  8. @Brian122246

    There is no ‘album’ version of this song and Eric Clapton does not play on this.The studio recording (which this is, it’s not live) actually has George Harrison playing one of the pianos.

  9. Marvelous John,
    your voice is the one of Peace itself,
    thanks for this longtime you gave us to hope,

  10. @Jeremy3711 whoa, calm down. your reply doesn’t even really make sense though. all i meant to say was that most of your list was indie bands from the US and there are so many amazing bands and musicians out there from all over the world, of various genres, you’re kind of doing yourself a disservice to only listen to one genre, from one country. but, i mean, that’s obviously what you like so, hey, listen to what is pleasing to you. just saying the rest of the world offers a lot as well.

  11. @ashoftomorrow
    sorry i didnt know that the popularity and country of origin of the bands played a role in their sound.
    oh wait they dont, so promptly shut the f*** up. thanks.

  12. When I hear this song, I feel less alone. That since I have failed in the face of a lot of people I have not done so in the face of Eastern religious mythology.

    Despite the fact I am university educated and universally educated, one can not please everyone. So even if you and I are alone and have failed we still: ”shine on”.
    My first Asian girl firend looks like an intense version of Yoko Ono. She was South Korean with a streak of Japanese in her biology.

    RIP John Lenno. Pax

  13. @oniallain1965 hey buddy if you don’t like john go away. No one here wants to here your stupid christian rants on how John is in hell. He’s not in hell and John is a hero that tried to save us from morons like you who take religion to seriously. Please go away

  14. Does anyone else think that from 2:22 to 2:28 John looks alot like Adrian Bordy. I think Adrian would make a good choice to play John.

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